Pat Metheny Group - Besan�on, France 1991-07-08 SBD MAAP-6 Part-1 flac

Here's an excellent show from the Pat Metheny Group recorded in Besan�on France in 1991. Often refered to as the "Road To You Outakes", Pat was more than generous to offer this recording to the Metheny Audio Archive Project and subsequentlty shared to fans as MAAP-6 "Part-1" early in 2004. I have had this on my reel to reel for years and the sound quality is just Excellent, plus this show comes complete with Artwork. Many thanks to Pat Metheny and all the MAAP crew for thier efforts in sharing this great recording to the world, and as always Your Comments are Appreciated!

Pat Metheny Group
Besan�on, France
July 8, 1991

Pat Metheny - guitars, guitar synthesizer, electric sitar
Lyle Mays - piano, synthesizers
Steve Rodby - acoustic bass, electric bass
Paul Wertico - drums
Armando Mar�al - percussion
Pedro Aznar - vocals, guitars, percussion

Disc-1 (76:55)

1) Forward March (4:17)
2) Have You Heard (7:32)
3) Every Summer Night (7:32)
4) Naked Moon (5:39)
5) Better Days Ahead (4:58)
6) Change Of Heart (7:10)
7) Last Train Home (5:50)
8) First Circle -> Band Intros (10:49)
9) Scrap Metal (7:34)
10) If I Could (8:27)
11) Spring Ain't Here (7:00)

Disc-2 (72:27)

12) Straight On Red (8:14)
13) Are You Going With Me? (9:43)
14) Guitar Solo -> The Fields, The Sky (7:32)
15) Half Life Of Absolution (15:57)
16) Beat 70 (5:07)
17) Letter From Home (4:28)
18) Band Intos -> Minuano (12:02)
19) Third Wind (9:19)

Total Time 2:29:21

Original Notes:
Re-mastered using Sound Forge 6.0 by Bruce MacKenzie

Lineage 2013:
SBD> DAT > Re-Master > Original SHN > FLAC > Traders Little Helper

Jazamo May 2013 File notes:
May 2013 conversion of Original SHN files to FLAC. Sector Boundries Checked. File names changed. New MD5

Jazamo May 2013 Info Notes:
This MAAP-6 "Part-1" was the 1st of 2 1991 Live shows shared by the Metheny Audio Archive Project. The 2nd show being the MAAP-6 "Part-2" recorded at Marseilles, France on July 13 1991. The official "Road To You" CD was compiled from multiple shows recorded at several venues during the summer of 1991 Tour of Europe, plus one studio track. There is no official released material here, but alternate versions recorded at Besan�on which did't make the final cut. The last reseed of this show was taken from CD-R, this version was converted to Flac from the original SHN files. Many thanks to Pat Metheny and to all the MAAP crew who worked on this project.

Metheny Audio Archive Project (MAAP)

Pat Metheny is one of a gaggle of artists who doesn't object to fans trading audience recordings of his concerts, so long as it is all done without money and any commercially released material.

Early in the 21st century, a group of Pat Metheny Group fans from the (now defunct) Pat Metheny Yahoo Groups group started gathering together some of the more quality recordings, polishing them with some mastering efforts and releasing them for the betterment of the fans under the name of the Metheny Audio Archive Project. At this time there have been 9 shows shared, the last being The PMG Companion Volume 2

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Jazamo May 2013

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