Pat Metheny Group
Riverside Theater
Milwaukee, WI, USA

Audience recording (details unknown) > FLAC > Trader's Little Helper

Pat Metheny - guitars, guitar synthesizer
Lyle Mays - keyboards
Steve Rodby - bass
Paul Wertico - drums
David Blamire - vocals, perc., misc.
Mark Ledford - vocals, perc., misc.
Luis Conte - perc.

Disc 1
d1t1 - Have You Heard
d1t2 - And Then I Knew
d1t3 - Here To Stay
d1t4 - How Insensitive
d1t5 - First Circle
d1t6 - Pat Speaks - Intros
d1t7 - Scrap Metal
d1t8 - Farmer's Trust -->
d1t9 - Episdoe d'Azur

Disc 2
d2t1 - Last Train Home
d2t2 - Are You Going With Me?
d2t3 - Third Wind (percussion/drums intro)
d2t4 - We Had A Sister
d2t5 - This Is Not America
d2t6 - Antonia
d2t7 - To The End of The World
d2t8 - Minuano (six eight)
d2t9 - Stranger In Town (encore)

The "We Live Here Tour" for the PMG

-Notes: Not many shows out there from this tour. I acquired this in a cassette trade years ago, and I thought I would up here to share. I believe it to be a complete show from my hometown and the recording lineage is unknown. Great venue; I saw the PMG here for the next go around on the Imaginary Day Tour. Questions/comments/corrections welcome. Enjoy!