Pat Metheny Group
Congress Hall, Warsaw, Poland April 23, 1998
Imaginary Day Tour

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Pat Metheny - guitars
Lyle Mays - keyboards
Steve Rodby - basses
Paul Wertico - drums
Mark Ledford - vocals, misc. instruments
Philip Hamilton - vocals, misc. instruments
Jeff Haynes - percussion

disc 1, 69:12
01 Into The Dream > Have You Heard
02 A Story Within the Story
03 Follow Me
04 How Insensitive
05 First Circle
06 band introductions
07 Imaginary Day

disc 2, 74:40
01 Heat of the Day
02 Across the Sky
03 Roots of Coincidence
04 Too Soon Tomorrow
05 Third Wind
06 Are You Going With Me
07 Message to a Friend (Pat solo)
08 Sept. 15 (Pat & Lyle)
09 Minuano 6/8
10 Song for Bilbao

This is from the Imaginary Day tour, or as the crew described it, the Imaginary Day Off tour.
I haven't seen this one listed anywhere, maybe it's uncirculated.
It comes from the same source as the '95 Warsaw show I upped, a friend of mine who worked for the TV/radio station that recorded it. Like the other show, this is just a straight soundboard recording, no separate mix was engineered. I think this one sounds slightly better than the '95 one, in particular the piano here sounds MUCH better, which should make Lyle fans happy. It took a bit of work for me to get the tracks to flow smoothly from one to the other, and a few other minor glitches were corrected. Are You Going With Me fades in at the very beginning, that's how I got it. I'm certain of the date on this one. The next night, April 24, they played in Poznan, and that was recorded for television broadcast.