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Pat Metheny Group Cologne Philharmonie 2005-06-09

Artist Name:
Pat Metheny Group

Bootleg Title:
Up in Cologne!

Venue City Country Date
Philharmonie, Cologne (K�ln), Germany, 2005-06-09

Track List:
01 This Is Not America / The Way Up (Intro)
02 The Way Up
03 (Go) Get It
04 James
05 Lone Jack
06 Are You Going With Me ?
07 Last Train Home
08 The Roots Of Coincidence
09 Always And Forever
10 Farmer's Trust
11 Band Introduction
12 Minuano (Six-Eight)
13 Encore Break
14 Song For Bilbao


Pat Metheny, guitars, guitar synthesizer, electric sitar, 42-string guitar
Lyle Mays, piano, synthesizers, guitar
Steve Rodby, acoustic bass, electric bass
Antonio Sanchez, drums, percussion, electric bass
Gr�goire Maret, harmonica, vocals, guitar, electric bass, percussion, marimba, kalimba
Cuong Vu, trumpet, vocals, guitar, percussion, marimba, glockenspiel
Nando Lauria, guitars, vocals, percussion, marimba, flugelhorn, melodica, kalimba


Audience Recording / Exc. - Exc. (-)

Waterwheel (most likely) - credits to him for taping this amazing show!

(DAT recorder with unknown external mic) - CD-R from trade> CD-R to WAV and to harddisc via EAC >WAV to FLAC conversion with Traders Little Helper (sector boundaries aligned)- ffp with Traders Little Helper-Torrent file with Maketorrent; equalized with Har-Bal; cleaned and tweaked with Adobe Audition 2.0 and iZotope RX-5.

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This one comes from a CD-R that I (most likely) got from Waterwheel. The CD-R had a couple of issues that I tried to tackle with this reworking/remastering. A lot of work went into this and I can only hope the work paid off. There are still some minor imperfections but as far as I'm concerned it now sounds a lot better than the currently circulating recording. But find out for yourself. Enjoy!

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