Songbook Tour
Perugia Umbia Jazz
July 15, 2010

Sony Walkman MD Recorder MZ - N710 with stereo external Mic SONY ECM-DS70P
> WaveLab > Soundforge 7.0 (for EQ) > FLAC

01 Intro
02 Phase Dance
03 Have You Heard
04 (It's Just) Talk
05 The Bat
06 James
07 Proof
08 Are You Going With Me?
09 Farmer's Trust
10 Jaco
11 Into The Dream
12 When We Were Free
13 Encore Break
14 Minuano (Six-Eight)
15 Encore Break ll
16 Song For Bilbao

Beautiful night, beautiful season and beautiful performance with a beautiful setlist!
As I saw on another gig It would have been perfect if they had played To The End Of The World!!
Recording comes as quiet clear as all of my previous recordings upped here on dime.
It seems I'm the only one who taped this show, unless I lost the post...
Anyway this is MY version stright from the MD
And I like to dedicate this torrent to my beloved dad, who passed away January 2010, and if he did not, he would have been surely by my side to see this gig as he was always there every time I went seeing PMG or PAT in trio.
This time was my mum (and second time - 1st we were all together in Jesi for the 1991 summer tour) turn. She's not really into music, but she liked the whole trip to the show!