Pat Metheny Group, Auditorium di Roma, July 17th, 2010.

Pat Metheny w/ Lyle Mays, Steve Rodby and Antonio Sanchez

My first attempt at recording live, I left the original untouched (apart from 24->16bit conversion). Looking forward to hear your comments.

Lineage: Zoom H4n wave recorder (built-in Stereo Mic) 44.1kHz/24 bit > SD card > HD > Foobar > FLAC (level 8)

1. Phase Dance
2. Have you heard
3. Jaco
4. This is not America
5. James
6. The Bat
7. Proof
8. Band's introduction
9. Are you going with me
10. Farmer's Trust
11.(It's Just) Talk
12.The Sound of Water
13.When we were free
14. Waiting for the encore
15. Minuano
16. Song for Bilbao