Torrent Title:
Pat Metheny Mike Metheny w/ Kansas City musicians 1980-12-26 Kansas City Downtown Airport Yaadboid's Bar&Grill

Artist Name:
Pat Metheny Mike Metheny w/ Kansas City musicians

Bootleg Title:
Where's The Turkey?

Venue City Country Date
Yaadboid's Bar&Grill, Kansas City, Downtown Airport, USA 1980-12-26

Track List:
01 Pat Speaks I
02 Autum Leaves
03 Pat Speaks II
04 Unknown (jazz standard) Nr.1
05 Unknown (jazz standard) Nr.2
06 How Insensitive


Pat Metheny - guitar, guitar synth
Mike Metheny - trumpet fluegelhorn
Gary Sivils - cornet
Paul Smith - piano
Bob Branstetter - bass
Tommy Ruskin - drums

Thanks to Marc Morvan and his excellent site on Pat's concerts and activities! Best source of information on the net!


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Note: Another one I traded with waterwheel a long time ago. Tape had it's issues and it's probably more for the completists but it's still fun to listen to. Enjoy!