Pat Metheny - Orchestrion Live at The Hippodrome 2010-10-20
Venue - The Hippodrome in Baltimore, MD USA
Showtime 07:30 PM

Pat Metheny - Every instrument conceivable

Recorded from center orchestra 3 rows from the stage on a Sony Hi-MD Linear PCM Recorder MZ-M100. Converted .wav files.

Recording not too bad at all. Easy to enjoy. Slight mic movements throughout due to adjustments for comfort. During "Orchestrion" the staff decided to seat two people during the song and I had to stand up. Very rude! Not much overdubbing this time as I kept the mic levels lower. Setting on 12 worked out great and I'll have to make a note of it for next time.

Need help with the title of 13. Heard it a million times but just can't think of the title.

01-Make Peace
02-The Sound of Water
03-Unity Village
05-Spirit of the Air
06-Entry Point
08-Pat Speaks
09-Soul Search
10-Pat Speaks
11-Solenoid Guitar Improvisation
12-Ornette Coleman piece
13-unknown title
14-Pat speaks
16-Stranger in Town