Pat Metheny, Orchestrion tour, Bolzano, Italy, 2010-02-24, AUD, Commissario Rex series #DD198

I have several recordings made by myself from different concerts I have attended during the last 10 years. The equipment used is a Sony stereo Mic and a Minidisc digital recorder. Recently I have begun to use a Zoom H2 wave recorder. The audio quality is mostly very good and often even excellent, dipending on the quality of sound at the venue of course.
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Pat Metheny, first date of the Italian leg of the Orchestrion tour
Palasport, Bolzano, Italy, 24th February 2010.

Total Time: 153:15
01.Metheny / Mehldau Medley [08:44]
02.Make Peace [09:14]
03.The Sound of Water [05:36]
04.Unity Village [07:02]
05.Expansion (Orchestrion suite, part 1) [09:01]
06.Spirit Of The Air (Orchestrion suite, part 2) [08:50]
07.Entry Point (Orchestrion suite, part 3) [10:40]
08.Orchestrion (Orchestrion suite, part 4) [16:50]
09.Pat Speaks about his project [02:42]
10.Soul Search [10:54]
11.Pat Speaks about how the orchestrion works and about Solenoids [02:03]
12.Solenoid Guitar Improvisation [05:46]
13.Pat speaks about improvisation and how complicated is the stuff when something is going wrong [01:05]
14.Orchestrion Improvisation [07:28]
15.Antonia [06:49]
16.Orchestrion Sequencer Improvisation [13:42]
17.Dream of the Return [08:26]
18.Stranger in Town [06:23]
19.Waiting for the encore [01:05]
19.Sueño Con Mexico [10:46]

Here you can find some pictures taken from me that night and a short review (in Italian, sorry):
Further pictures coming soon.
Any artwork is very welcomed ;-)

A fantastic sound quality, an extremely clear audience recording from the sixth Row, seat #8, left side.

Lineage: Micro Binaural stereo MIC MM-BSM-6 > Zoom H2 wave recorder > HD > Nero Wave editor > CD Wave 1.98 > FLAC (level 6)