Song X tour
Pat Metheny- guitars and guitar synthesizer
Ornette Coleman- alto sax, violin, trumpet
Charlie Haden- acoustic bass
Denardo Coleman- drums
Jack DeJohnette- drums
Berklee Performance Center
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
May 11, 1986
(early show)
I don't know if this show is the same songs.
This setlist was taken from etree listing of
May 10 show in New Haven, Ct. there was no
listing for this one, the next night, although there's
a very good chance this set is the same here too,
although this one is in 9 tracks (1st 2 are probably track 1 here.)
1. Drum Solo
2. Song X
3. Untitled
4. Turnaround
5. Broadway Blues
6. Kathelin Gray
7. The Good Life
8. Trigonometry
9. The Calling
10. Police People
11. Endangered Species
the next listing in there was from St. Louis on the 15th
with 9 of these songs (all except "untitled" and drum solo,
which may be tracked with song X in that recording.) The
encore was the longest and maybe hottest song in the show.
the first listing with any different songs than these listed
(above) was Wash. D.C May 5th which had Guadelupe, Compute
the Art of Happiness and Video Games in the setlist. two things
seems pretty consistent about this tour's set, Song X opens it up,
and Endangered Species closes it out. (including this show).
This would be either a 1st or 2nd gen. aud tape, not sure
which any more. probably recorded on a Sony 310 deck with
built in mikes/auto levelling (although I didn't notice
the usual fluctuations in volume typical of an auto levelling
deck trying to record music like this, and responding to the
crowd between songs). not alot of crowd in here, but they're
there, and appreciated a show with a very fine lineup,
including 2 generations of Colemans. This group played 2 shows
on May 8 in N.Y.C. Town Hall (etree lists just one), and 2
shows this night at the Berklee in Boston.
It's about the average length show for this tour. alot of
the music is quite "out there", kinda offrampy. that's not
my favorite era of Metheny music, but it's a lineup that
seemed to like what they were doing and alot of it sounded
well, pretty out there. that's nice, sometimes. etree had
5 shows listed for this tour. considering the lineup and
the reception it got, there must be a few more than that.
I didn't see this tour. the shows sold out pretty quick.
when Jack D. is involved, that's never hard for me to
understand, and the Berklee folks are pretty fond of Ornette
and his son who was a student there (learned his lessons
pretty well, as did John Abercrombie, Al DiMeola and
Gary Burton and a few other familiar people).
do not sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.