Pat Metheny Quartet, Dortmund,Germany, Konzerthaus, 2017-10-20

Artist Name: Pat Metheny Quartet (An Evening With Pat Metheny)

Bootleg Title: Into The Dortmund Dream

Venue City Country Date
Konzerthaus, Dortmund, Germany, 2017-10-20

01 Intro
02 Into The Dream
03 So May It Secretly Begin
04 Bright Size Life
05 Lone Jack
06 Unity Village
07 Unquity Road
08 Always & Forever
09 What Do You Want
10 The Red One
11 Six And Eleven
12 Pat Speaks
13 Farmer's Trust
14 Tell Her You Saw Me
15 Untitled (New Tune)
16 Unknown (Metheny Oh Duo)
17 Phase Dance
18 Question & Answer
19 Band Introductions And Encore Break
20 Solo Acoustic Guitar Medley
21 Encore Break II
22 Song For Bilbao

Pat Metheny - guitars, guitar synth
Antonio Sanchez - drums
Linda May Han Oh - bass
Gwilym Simcock - piano, keys



Audience Recording / Exc.


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Notes: Had a great evening in the company of fellow dimer dieknufs enjoying a wonderful show once again by the ever so energetic Pat Metheny Quartet. Enjoy!