Pat Metheny & 'Secret Story' Band
November 27th 1992
Beacon Theatre
New York City, NY

I got this in a snail mail trade, with very little info for it.

Linage :  Aud > Dat tape? > unknown gear > CDR > me > EAC > TLH level 8 > flac 16 > you > enjoy
I think this might have been recorded on a DAT tape? From what I can see from a couple of sites.

Their is a soundboard recording for this date and for the 25th form the same venue, does anyone have them? I was at
both gigs and would love to have them. He also play at the Beacon with the same band on the 28th of November and
one more time in 1993-06-26. I was able to catch that show as well. I feel very lucky to see this band 3 times.

I have made some cover art from my ticket stub and you can find them here at this link below, enjoy

  Setlist :

   01   Above The Treetops                            (Pat Metheny)
   02   Facing West                                         (Pat Metheny)
   03   Rain River                                           (Pat Metheny)
   04   How Insensitive (Insensatez)               (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
   05   Finding And Believing                        (Pat Metheny)
   06   Always And Forever                           (Pat Metheny)
   07   Cathedral In A Suitcase                       (Pat Metheny)
   08   See The World                                     (Pat Metheny)
   09   Are You Going With Me ?                  (Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays)
   10   We Had A Sister                                  (Pat Metheny)
   11   Third Wind                                          (Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays)
   12   Antonia                                                (Pat Metheny)
   13   The Truth Will Always Be                  (Pat Metheny)
   14   Tell Her You Saw Me                         (Pat Metheny)
   15   Minuano (Six-Eight)                           (Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays)
   16   Song For Bilbao                                  (Pat Metheny)

  The remarks below are minor issues, over all it is a very good recording of this band.

track 05 @ 9:16 some speed problems
track 05 @ the end an abrupt stop
track 06 @ cuts right into the tune
track 10 @ the end an abrupt stop
track 11 @ cuts right into the tune
track 13 @ 2:19 some speed problems
track 15 @ the end an abrupt stop
track 16 @ cuts right into the tune

  Pat Metheny & 'Secret Story' Band :

Pat Metheny, guitars, guitar synthesizer
Gil Goldstein, piano, synthesizers, accordion
Jim Beard, piano, synthesizers
Steve Rodby, acoustic bass, electric bass
Paul Wertico, drums, percussion
Armando Marçal, percussion
Mark Ledford, vocals, guitar, percussion, trumpet, flugelhorn, marimba, vibraphone
David Blamires, vocals, guitar, percussion, mellophone, melodica, recorder, vibraphone, marimba
Torsten De Winkel, guitars, electric sitar, synthesizer, percussion

If you have any info about this recording please tell.

I am on a Secret Story kick lately and I am looking for these gigs. So please upload them or pm me for a trade
or something,  Thanks.

1992 DATES :

1992.09.27  Minneapolis, MN
1992.10.04  Vancouver, BC, Canada
1992.10.07  San Jose, CA
1992.10.09  San Francisco, CA
1992.10.10  San Francisco, CA
1992.10.20  Albuquerque, NM
1992.10.24  Houston, TX
1992.11.05  Montreal, QC, Canada
1992.11.10  Detroit, MI
1992.11.13  New Haven, CT
1992.11.16  Toronto, OT, Canada
1992.11.20  Boston, MA
1992.11.25  New York City, NY
1992.11.28  New York City, NY

1993 DATES :

1993.xx.xx  Live in Toronto ?
1993.04.06  Copenhagen, Denmark
1993.04.19  Paris, France
1993.04.20  Paris, France
1993.04.22  Milan, Italy
1993.04.23  Rome, Italy
1993.04.30  Düsseldorf, Germany
1993.05.03  Warsaw, Poland
1993.05.17  Madrid, Spain
1993.06.04  Cirkusbygningen, Copenhagen
1993.06.06  Madrid, Spain
1993.06.18  Philadelphia, PA
1993.06.20  Rochester Hills, MI
1993.06.25 ?  Wolftrap, MA
1993.06.25 ?  Vienna, VA
1993.06.26  New York City, NY
1993.09.12  Miami, FL

I have a few more Pat Metheny Secret story gigs if anyone wish to have a copy just pm me.