Pat Metheny Secret Story Band

Auditorio Del Monte Do Gozo
Santiago de Compostela, Spain
May 13, 1993

FM broadcast (A/A+)
FM > (unknown) > SHN > WAVE > Cool Edit (retracking) > FLAC

Pat Metheny - Guitars, Guitar Synth
Gil Goldstein - Piano, Keyboards, Accordion
Jim Beard - Keyboards
Steve Rodby - Acoustic and Electric Basses
Paul Wertico - Drums
Armando Marcal - Percussion
Mark Ledford - Voice, Miscellaneous Instruments
David Blamires - Voice, Miscellaneous Instruments
Barbara Unger - Guitars, Keyboards, Misc.


Above The Treetops
Facing West
Rain River
How Insensitive
Finding And Believing
Always And Forever
See the World
We Had A Sister
Last Train Home
Third Wind
The Truth Will Always Be
Tell Her You Saw Me
Minuano (Six-Eight)
Song For Bilbao

Disc 1: 01-07
Disc 2: 08-15