Pat Metheny Trio
2000-03-16 early show
New York City, NY
Knitting Factory

Pat Metheny - guitars, guitar synthesizer
Bill Stewart - drums
Larry Grenadier - bass

Recording: DAT Audience recording -> FLAC -> Traders Little Helper

Early Show:
Disc 1:

d1t01_Soul Cowboy
d1t02_Falling Grace
d1t03_What Do You Want
d1t04_The Bat
d1t05_Bright Size Life
d1t06_Question And Answer
d1t07_Pat Speaks

Disc 2:
d2t01_Lonely Woman
d2t02_We Had A Sister
d2t03_Pat Speaks
d2t04_Lone Jack
d2t05_Broadway Blues (encore)

"Trio 99->00" Touring Band. Originally taped by Iceman, upped by Milesian back in 2006. A great companion recording to the late show. Besides the showpiece "Question And Answer", not a single repeat. This is an excellent audience recording from one of my favorite Trio tours for PM. Enjoy!