Artist: Pat Metheny Trio
Date: 2004 June 24
Location/venue: Warsaw, Sala Kongresowa PKiN (Warsaw Summer Jazz Days)

Pat Metheny - guitars
Christian McBride - bass
Antonio Sanchez - drums

Lineage: AUD > SP CMC-4 cardioid > battery box > Sony MZ R-900 > digital transfer to wav > track splitting by CDWAVE, small edits by GoldWave > CD-R > rip to WAVE > flac (verify)

Sound: excellent

CD 1: 10 tracks, 79:59
CD 2: 8 tracks, 72:49

Sorry, no more information on tracks. Please complete the setlist and feel free to make a cool artwork.

Scans of relevant pages of the program booklet are included.

Known problems:
- some seconds of music during the drum solo of Track 9 of CD 1 are lost because of disc change
- last track is faded out because of disc space shortage

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Recorded, transferred, edited and shared on DaD by eref2000. Please share freely, never buy or sell, do not encode to lossy formats, do not alter the sound.

"Music belongs to everyone" - Kodály Zoltán, Hungarian composer and music pedagogue (1882-1967)