Pat Metheny Trio (Pat Metheny: g, Christian McBride: b, Antonio Sanchez: d)
Estival Jazz, Piazza della Riforma, Lugano, recorded on the 09th of July 2004

Setlist (copied from
01. Last Train Home *
02. Song For The Boys *
03. Medley: Phase Dance > Minuano (Six-Eight) > September Fifteenth > The First Circle > Chris *
04. Into The Dream * >
05. So May It Secretly Begin
06. Number 13
07. Always And Forever
08. Number 10
09. James
10. Lone Jack
11. Lonely Woman
12. Question & Answer

I have only 11 tracks and no time to identify the titles. Perhaps someone out there in outaspace might contribute to the setlist.
Repetita non placent. I have no idea if this show has been seeded here before. If so, me culpa, mea maxima culpa.
Do not convert to lossy format. Enjoy.