Pat Metheny Trio

Festival Theatre
Adelaide Festival
South Australia
ECM 150 MIC > core sound BB > Sony D6 >Maxell xls11 tape >line out D6 > 16bit wav >Soundtrack Pro ( remove excess applause , levels and minor EQ
remix 2013 from original wav files, boost vocals, remove applause in Audition > transfer via XACT ( LEVEL 8 )

Pat Metheny: Guitar
Christian McBride Bass, vocals
Antonio Sanchez: Drums
Last Train Home
Song for the Boys
Into the Dream >
So it May Secretly Begin ?
Number 13
When Night Turns Into Day
What Do You Want
Disc 2
Question and Answer
Ballad for the People of the Gulf States
Lonely Woman

Stealth mode front row
taped, mastered and transferred and remixed by GGB
Because of the position in which I was seated, I had to be very discreet, so I set the levels low. Although most of this tape is very good sound , i did have to take out background hiss as when the levels were boosted, the announcements were still very quiet. Noise reduction has been applied but theres still a bit of hiss if played loud on a system with lots of top end. Otherwise, overall its a nice sounding show , not A plus, but mostly excellent as long as you don't crank it to the max. Pat's guitar was really loud at times, this has been cured by lowering volume on specific notes using spectral tools in Audition, it now sounds fine on my system .
crowd noise is non existent .