Pat Metheny Trio
Wilmington, Delaware Grand Opera House
November 11, 2007
Show time 7:00PM

Sony HD MiniDisc recorder PCM

This recording spans 3 discs.
Near the end of "When We Were Free" the HD mini disc ended before song was complete. I had to use a second disc. Missing about 30 seconds near the end of the song.

Pat Metheny - Guitars
Antonio Sanchez - Drums
Christian McBride - Bass

d1t1 Make Peace
d1t2 Unrequited
d1t3 The Sound of Water
d1t4 So May it Secretly Begin
d1t5 Day Trip (old Number 13)
d1t6 Never Too Far Away
d1t7 Lets Move

d2t1 En La Tierra Que No Olvida
d2t2 Bright Size Life
d2t3 Pat Speaks
d2t4 When We Were Free
d2t5 When We Were Free (continued)

d3t1 Pat Speaks
d3t2 The Bat (dedicated to Dewey Redman)
d3t3 What Do You Want (Pat and Antonio duet)
d3t4 My Funny Valentine (Pat and Christian duet)
d3t5 The Red One
d3t6 Extended applause into encore
d3t7 Police People (I think)