Pat Metheny Trio
Open Air Stage, Margaret Island
Budapest, Hungary

Pat Metheny - guitars, guitar synthesizer
Christian McBride - acoustic and electric bass
Antonio Sanchez - drums

Lineage: ECM-600ST ->MZ-NH700 (Hi-Sp) ->usb ->SonicStage ->Wavelab4 ->TLH ->Flac7


01 Make Peace (Metheny)
02 Unrequited (Mehldau)
03 The Sound Of Water (Metheny)
04 So May It Secretly Begin (Metheny)
05 Day Trip (Metheny)
06 H & H (Metheny)
07 Bright Size Life (Metheny)
08 Always And Forever (Metheny)
09 Police People (Coleman)

01 Pat speaks
02 When We Were Free (Metheny)
03 Pat speaks
04 Find Me In Your Dreams (Metheny)
05 Pat introduces the next tune
06 80/81 - Broadway Blues (Metheny-Coleman)
07 My Romance (Rodgers-Hart)
08 Pat speaks
09 Lone Jack (Metheny-Mays)
10 Double Guatemala (Metheny)

notes: complete show, from app. 15 m from the stage, a bit on the right side, mic in a bagpack (half opened)