Torrent Title:
Pat Metheny Trio w/Charlie Haden & Billy Higgins Montreal Club Soda 1984-07-05

Artist Name:

Pat Metheny Trio

Bootleg Title:
Rejoicing In Montreal

Venue City Country Date:
Club Soda, Montreal, Canada 1984-07-05

Track List:
01 Blues For Pat
02 The Bat
03 The Calling
04 All The Things You Are
05 Lonely Woman
06 Segment


Pat Metheny - guitars, guitar synth
Charlie Haden - bass
Billy Higgins - drums


SB (A/A-)

Unknown (Thanks to him or her!!!)

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This tape was provided a long long time ago and again I have to admit I don't know who sent it to me. Whoever it was I'm indebted to him big time. Though (probably) a soundboard recording It seemed to be a second generation tape and very hissy and noisy. I cleaned it up as good as I could but it still has a lot of tape and background noises that I could not eliminate without doing harm to the music. Keep in mind that this re-construction is a compromise. Please be gentle, as you cannot expect absolute high-fidelity state of the art sound. But to me, it's the music that counts here - and once again it's brilliant to my ears and this Trio is my personal favourite out of the many trio incarnations that Pat played in. This tape seems to be quite rare as even Marc Morvan does not list it on his brilliant web site dedicated to Pat Metheny and his live archive. Enjoy!

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