Pat Metheny Unity Band
Rams Head Onstage
Annapolis, MD
August 1, 2012

recorded with Tascam DR-100mkII, using built-in stereo mics, hanging off the back of a chair within 6 feet of front of stage. Audacity to normalize levels and dither from 24/48 recording to 16bit/44.1Mhz

Sound is pretty nice, esp. considering recorder was hanging about 2 feet from the floor.

Very approximate, and partial, setlist:

01 to stage
02 Solo Pikasso Guitar (Come And See intro)
03 Come And See
04 Roof Dogs
05 New Years
06 Pat talks
07 This Belongs To You
09 Antonio solo
11 (with Robots)
12 Pat and Chris duo
13 Pat and Ben duo - Turnaround
14 Pat and Antonio - part 1 (nearly seamless to:)
15 Pat and Antonio part2
17 Pat talks
19 encore break
20 Are You Going With Me?
21 exit