Pat Metheny Unity Band
Denver Botanical Gardens, Denver, CO
September 7th, 2012

d1t01 The Sound Of Water
d1t02 Come And See
d1t03 Roofdogs
d1t04 Pat speaks
d1t05 New Year
d1t06 This Belongs To You
d1t07 Police People
d1t08 Two Folk Songs
d1t09 Signals
d1t10 All The Things You Are (duet w/ Potter)
d1t11 Turnaround (duet w/ Williams)
d1t12 Go Get It (duet w/ Sanchez)
d1t13 Interval Waltz
d1t14 Pat speaks
d1t15 Breakdealer
d1t16 Are You Going With Me
d1t17 Pat solo
d1t18 The Good Life

Pat Metheny (guitars/orchestration)
Chris Potter (bass clarinet/soprano sax/tenor sax/flute)
Antonio Sanchez (drums)
Ben Williams (bass)

source: Schoeps MK4 > Nbox > Sony M10 @ 24/48 (FOB/LOC/HRTF)
transfer:Sony M10 > Macbook Pro > Adobe Audition CS6 > xACT > FLAC