Pat Metheny Unity Band
Town Hall
New York City, NY, USA

Track00 - Introduction 01:59
Track01 - Come and See 13:17
Track02 - Roofdogs & band intro. 10:52
Track03 - New Year 11:50
Track04 - UT 06:55
Track05 - UT 12:54
Track06 - UT 07:11
Track07 - UT 17:34
Track08 - UT 04:16
Track09 - Bright Size Life 05:22
Track10 - UT 06:10
Track11 - UT 13:01
Track12 - Are You Going with Me 10:33
Track13 - UT 07:21
Track14 - UT 05:48

Pat Metheny - Guitars.
Antonio Sanchez - Drus.
Ben Williams - Upright Bass.
Chris Potter - Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute.

Notes: This concert was sent to me on three cds. The breaks appear between tracks 4 and 5, and 9 and 10. There are a few seconds of applause
at the start of tracks 5 and 10 that I didn't bother to edit out. There is a problem with this recording: amarilio has apparently been having
an issue with his preamp and that plays itself out in terms of noise scattered throughout this recording. Sometimes it disappears for long
chunks of time, at other times it's rather persistent - almost like a dirty or scratched lp. This is most apparent in quiet passages and
I'm including a sample of it to help people decide if they want the show or not. Help with the setlist would be appreciated - I'm terrible
with titles and it's particularly galling since some of these tune are quite familiar.

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