Pat Metheny Unity Group
March 23rd 2014
Count Bassie Theatre
Red Bank, NJ

What we have here is a incomplete Count Bassie Theatre gig. Due
to a corupt SD card, stuff happens in live recordings. Got this
from a frisnd who I have master some of his pass Meyhemy shows.
What we seem to be missing here is most of the KIN album. This
show is one of the few where all of the KIN recording was played
in its entirety. I have lower the crowd noise and raise the over
all recording by 9 db. I also had to copy left track on to parts
of the right track on track 10. Due to dropouts on the right track.!i=3144729801&k=zBRrHTd

Lineage : core sound binurals > battery box > edirol r-09 24/44 >
usb > dell inspiron 1501 notebook > flac frontend level 6 > dvd >
me > flac 24 > Desktop > Adobe Audition > CDwave > TLH level 8 >
flac 16 > You > enjoy

Link to artwork here

Track List

01 - Introduction
02 - Come And See Intro Pat Metheny
03 - Come And See Pat Metheny
04 - Roof Dog Pat Metheny
05 - New Year Pat Metheny
06 - James Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays
07 - Pat speaks
08 - Kin Pat Metheny
09 - Rise Up Pat Metheny
10 - Have You Heard** Pat Metheny
11 - Are You Going With Me? Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays
12 - Solo acoustic medley see below

a) Phase Dance - Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays
b) Minuano - Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays
c) September 15th - Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays
d) Antonia - Pat Metheny
e) This Is Not America - Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays
f) Last Train Home - Pat Metheny

** incomplete - Cuts in about one minute plus
---- Break point for 2 CD burn?

Total Time ~ 01:40:36.184

Line UP :

Pat Metheny - guitars
Chris Potter - saxophone, clarinet, flute
Ben Williams - bass
Antonio Sanchez - drums
Giulio Carmassi - piano, vocals

I was at the Schenectady March 20th gig. If anyone
has or knows of recording please upload or pm me,
more than willing to trade for it, thanks.

feel free to PM if you need me to seed any of my torrents



If you have any info about this concert and
or this recording, Please tell or pm me here.