Pat Metheny Unity Group
Paramount Theater, Denver, CO
March 7th, 2014

d1t01 Pikasso solo
d1t02 Come and See
d1t03 Roof Dogs
d1t04 NewYear
d1t05 James
d1t06 KIN (<—>)
d1t07 Rise Up
d1t08 Born
d1t09 On Day One
d1t10 Bright Size Life
d1t11 Tune Up
d1t12 Dream of the Return
d1t13 (Go) Get It
d1t14 Adagia
d1t15 Sign of the Season
d1t16 Have You Heard
d1t17 Are You Going With Me?

Pat Metheny (guitar/orchestration)
Ben Williams (bass)
Antonio Sanchez (drums)
Chris Potter (sax/bass clarinet)
Giulio Carmassi (piano/voice)

source: Schoeps MK4 > Nbox > Sony M10 @ 24/48
transfer: Sony M10 > MacBook Air > Sound Studio > xACT > FLAC