Pat Metheny Unity Group with
Bruce Hornsby & Sonny Emory
August 2nd 2014
Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts
Venetian Theater
Katonah, NY

Here For The First Anniversary Of This Concert

I was asking for a recording of this gig I was at, and here it is.
A big thanks goes out to the person who gave me this recording .

Source / Lineage : iphone with Blue Mickey Mic > FiRe 16/48kHz
Stereo > FLAC > me > Izotope RX 4 Advance > Adobe Audition >
CD wave > TLH level 8 > Flac 16 > you > enjoy

This recording of the whole gig was rough to say the lease. Volume
levels between the music and the up close to the microphones
audience noise were miles apart. So I just work on crowd noise for
now. No EQ was done to it, but could use some if someone wants
to give it a shot.

Bruce Hornsby Setlist :

OK, I have track this show different than I normally do. Bruce likes to
talk and have a little banter wiyh the crowd between each tune. So I
have started each track with him speaking.

01 - M.I.A. In MIAMI
02 - The Valley Road
03 - Preacher In The Ring Pt 1
04 - Talk Of The Town
05 - Adonis
06 - Life In The Psychotropics
07 - Tipping
08 -
09 - So Much You�ll Never Understand

Total Time ~ 01:00:19.004

PMUG Setlist :

10 - Come and See Intro (Pat solo)
11 - Come and See
12 - Police People
13 - Pat Talks
14 - Kin
15 - Rise Up
16 - Bright Size Life (Pat w/Ben duet)
17 - Tune Up (Pat w/Chris duet)
18 - The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress (Bruce piano, vocals)
19 - (Go) Get It (Pat w/Antonio duet)
20 - Band Intros
21 - Have You Heard ?
22 - Are You Going With Me ?
23 - Acoustic Guitar Medley (Pat solo)
24 - The Way It Is ( PMUG + Bruce and Sonny )

Total Time ~ 01:41:16.097

Pat Metheny Band / Unity Group

Pat Metheny - guitar
Chris Potter - saxophone, bass clarinet and flute
Ben Williams - bass
Antonio S�nchez - drums
Guilio Carnassi - Keyboards, and Horn

Special Guest :

Bruce Hornsby - piano and dulcimer
Sonny Emory - drums, washboard and percussion

Here are some Metheny shows I am looking for. If
you can help. Please upload here. Or PM/email via
here and we can do a trade of some kind, thanks.

OK, not to get too greedy here. If someone has
another recording of this gig please post here
or drop me a line, plus...

Pat Metheny Group 1980-03-27
Queens College Queens, NY

Pat Metheny Group 1989-02-05
Capitol Theatre Port Chester, NY

Pat Metheny Unity Band 2012-07-31
Caramoor Katonah, NY

Pat Metheny Unity Group 2014-03-20
Proctors Schenectady, NY

Pat Metheny Unity Group 2014-11-19
Capitol Theatre Port Chester, NY

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If you have any info about this concert and
or this recording, Please tell or pm me here.

Images for all shows as well as full size images for this show.

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