Patrick Lamb Jeff Lorber
With Jimmy Haslip and Allen Hinds
Live at Spaghettini
Seal Beach, CA
2012 08-31

Genre: Funk, Fusion
Audience Tape: A
Mikes: Schoeps mk4 > Actives > NBox >
Recorder: Sony M-10
Location: At the Bar
Transfer: Goldwave (Volume Boost, Compression > Dither to 16b) > Media Monkey (Flac Transfer L8)
Recorded by Scooter123
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Tapers Notes:

Patrick Lamb has been a stranger to California since he left Bobby
Caldwell's Band last year, doing mainly gigs in Portland and with
Jeff Lorber. Jeff Lorber, however, produced his newest CD.
"Its Alright Now." The result combines Lamb's natural desire for
funk, with one of the funkiest keyboard players ever, Jeff Lorber.
Too much funk? Is there such a thing?

As for Jeff Lorber, he can honestly be said to the one of the
originators of funk jazz. His multiple CDs under "Jeff Lorber Fusion"
in 1977-80 set the Gold standard for funk jazz aka fusion.

He is the producer and current musical partner of Lamb, and for
this gig, lined up some of LA's best studio musicians.

Holding down the bottom is Jimmy Haslip, an incredible funky 6 string
bass player who plays with Robben Ford. On guitar is Allen Hinds, who
along with Lamb, has worked for both Bobby Caldwell and Gino Vanelli.
On drums is Tony Moore, who has collaborated with Jeff Lorber for many
years and can be seen playing with another funk jazz group from the UK,
"Down to the Bone. All four, Lober, Haslip, Moore, and Hinds are regulars
at LA's famous "Baked Potato."

As for this show, it will not disappoint, as its music you just have
to get up and dance to. I've not seen dancers at the normally restrained
Spaghettini, but this music made something in the back of your butt
go back and forth.

Set List:

1. Unknown
2. Memphis Heat
3. Brain Dance
4. Live Wire
5. Maceo
6. He Had a Hat
7. Sweet Tea
8. Grand Ma's Hymn
9. Unknown
10. Unknown
11. Tune 88
12. Unknown
13. Unknown
14. Unknown
15. Dr. Moy
16. Unknown
17. Unknown
18. Unknown

TT: 2:26


Patrick Lamb, Sax
Jeff Lober, Keys
Jimmy Haslip, Bass
Tony Moore, Drums
Allen Hind, Guitar

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Lamb, Patrick - 01 Uniknown.flac:8a9ded0bdbf8ed914c69ebac36b526d8
Lamb, Patrick - 02 Memphis Heat.flac:09db7410dc49ef1a7a3b04bd41a8f8ca
Lamb, Patrick - 03 Brain Dance.flac:86f11fb33001df1cabf50c36857ceb03
Lamb, Patrick - 04 Live Wire.flac:6dc1bc9f8927d5bed6994eb81697da12
Lamb, Patrick - 05 Maceo.flac:dd798dbeab492f958a3c2e6fb956b438
Lamb, Patrick - 06 He Had a Hat.flac:f115deb67e88d6c586a90efa1387c58c
Lamb, Patrick - 07 Sweet Tea.flac:bfafdcc3fb549519ce65c37f7abf6eac
Lamb, Patrick - 08 Grandma's Hymn.flac:492818d35b5903f9c27584ae82df07c3
Lamb, Patrick - 09 Unknown.flac:c81ec4d299653669c2824cefad91132a
Lamb, Patrick - 10 Unknown.flac:a81ba19f96d86bc5014a772bcabce876
Lamb, Patrick - 11 Tune 88.flac:c6ad9cd4c628b083d4b9a8d7bad0eb95
Lamb, Patrick - 12 Walk Away.flac:ef6527075d1fd3da3e343823e6e9b4ca
Lamb, Patrick - 13 Unknown.flac:f506ea500bdf4c7bb9f6bb52422c0868
Lamb, Patrick - 14 Unknown.flac:96808c291bbfe6decdf6b3aab8a64795
Lamb, Patrick - 15 Dr. Moy.flac:f2f1788b621464a96abfac2c31bf9462
Lamb, Patrick - 16 Unknown.flac:868900097596e157f2ae4154d3493aaf
Lamb, Patrick - 17 Unknown.flac:26c21abe050d6ca24c4702c42f024616
Lamb, Patrick - 18 Unknown.flac:01bc62792f3bfbdc83e955dd96d6f87d

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