Patrick Sweany
Deep Blues Festival
Washington County Fairgrounds
Lake Elmo, MN


01 intro
02 Opening Vamp
03 Burma Jones
04 Step Outside
05 Two Or Three
06 banter
07 From Orange To Pink
08 Sonic's Vamp
09 Franie's Blues
10 banter
11 The Hornet
12 Hill Country Vamp
13 Them Shoes
14 banter
15 Think About It
16 banter
17 Your Man
18 banter
19 After Awhile
20 outro

Day three of three of the 2nd annual Deep Blues Festival.
8th performer of 17 for the day.
49 performances total during the weekend.

The largest outsider and alternative blues event in the world,
the Deep Blues Festival was created to celebrate and bring
awareness to these unique bands. A mix of many styles and genres,
all these bands are performing their idea of the blues or music
influenced by the blues. Purists may not agree. We aren't
out to argue with anyone, just trying to spread the word about
music we enjoy. We call it the Deep Blues.

Commerical Release warning!
A festival compilation may be released by Alive Records of the 49
festival performers. We hope it does. This was an open taping event.

Please support these bands purchasing their recordings and seeing
them live. Find out about the Deep Blues Festival at