In Memory Of Two Cool Cats

A Memorial concert for Patrick Woodward and Rick Intveld
Featuring the Blasters with other major L.A. Bands from the Hollywood rockabilly and emerging alternate country music scene of the 1980's.

Various Artists
Club Lingerie
West Hollywood, California
Wednesday January 15, 1986

MC: Art Fein

Disc One:

------Lonesome Strangers------

(missed first song while fixing a bad mic connection)

01. Lonesome Pine
02. Ton Of Shame
03. The One Who Wore My Ring
04. Shady Grove
05. Fugitive's Lament
06. Modern Don Juan

------Chuck E. Weiss and the Goddamn Liars------

07. Introduction
08. Intro music (unknown song title)
09. Jump For Joy
10. What Am I Going To Do (?) (tape ran out)
11. Bad Jews In Malibu
12. Goddamn Liars

------Ronnie Mack------

13. Introduction
14. Move On Down The Line
15. It's Only Make Believe
16. Boppin' The Blues (missing first couple of beats)

------Rip Masters Band------

17. Introduction
18. Hey, Hey, Little Girl (?)
19. Mary Lou
20. I've Had It
21. He Stopped Loving Her Today (tape ran out cutting off the end)

****CD 1: [58:38]*****

Disc Two:

------The Wild Cards------

01. Introduction
02. To The Top (?) >
03. Wake Up (?)
04. Why Oh Why (?) >
05. Alibi For Lucy

------The Rockin' Rebels------

06. Introduction
07. Everybody's Rockin' Tonight (?)
08. Let's Rock (?)
09. A Bottle Of Mad Dog (?)
10. Let's Bop (?)
11. Bad Moon Rising
12. Train Kept a Rollin' >
13. Hi Ho Silver

------Billy Zoom All Stars------

14. Introduction
15. Bad Boy
16. Rock A Billy Ruby (?)
17. When I Get Home (?)
18. Lonesome Tears in My Eyes
19. Wild Wild Young Men
20. Blues Stay Away From Me (?)

------Dwight Yoakam------

21. Introduction
22. Mystery Train
23. South Of Cincinnati
24. This Drinkin' Will Kill Me
25. My Bucket's Got A Hole In It

------Lone Justice------

26. Introduction
27. Stranger In Your Town (?)
28. Nothing Can Stop My Loving You
29. Do Re Me
30. If Teardrops Were Pennies
31. Shine A Light (for Pat and Rick's friends)

****CD 2: [79:25]****

Disc Three:

01. Introduction
02. Silver Wings (w/ James Intveld, John Doe and Dave Alvin on vocals)
03. Love Shack
04. The Wrecking Ball

------The Blasters---- w/ Phil and Dave Alvin, Bill Bateman and Gene Taylor
05. Introduction
06. Marie Marie
07. Trouble Bound
08. No More
09. Border Radio
10. Help You Dream
11. One Red Rose
12. Tag Along
13. Don't You Hear Me Cryin' (w/ Lee Allen and Steve Berlin)
14. I'm Shakin' (w/ Lee Allen and Steve Berlin)
15. Just One More Day (w/ Lee Allen and Steve Berlin)
16. Lights Out (w/ Lee Allen and Steve Berlin)
17. Everybody Knows Rock and Roll's the Same
18. American Music
19. So Long Baby, Goodbye (w/ Lee Allen and Steve Berlin)

-----(Phil steps aside-James Intveld-Vocals/guitar and Lee Allen/Steve Berlin on horns)-----
20. Introduction
21. Funny How Time Slips Away
22. Walk A Mile In My Shoes >
23. Move On Down The Line (tape flip)
24. Whole Lotta Shakin Going On (starts in Progress)
25. Goodnight and thanks

****CD 3: [78:53]****

Recorded by Mike Martin
2 Sennheiser MKH404tu microphones > Sony D5M (w/ Dolby) > Maxell MX-C60, TDK MA-C90, TDK MA-R-C60, TDK MA-R-C90

Nakamichi CR-7A (azimuth aligned to tape, Dolby B, Bias @ 120us) > Korg MN-2000S 1 Bit DFF @ 2.822 MHz >

Audiogate (24-96) > Audacity (clean up and splices) > Audiogate (16-44) > CD Wav > Flac (Level 8) > Stamp ID3 Tag Editor

Twenty Six Years Ago there was a memorial concert for 2 musicians that left us way too soon....
One last plane ride was one too many and we are left with only memories.
The world mourned Rick Nelson but we had friends on that plane with him.
This is dedicated to Ricky Intveld and Patrick Woodward.

In memory of 2 cool cats.

Many song titles are unknown and are designated as (?).
Any help on the setlist is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to the door man (forgot your name) for getting Mario and I in the back door and the sound man for letting me set up in his cramped booth.
We were regulars here at this time and knew everyone in the club but couldn't get in the front door because of all the celebrities showing up (we had tickets).

Set the equipment up about 35 feet from the stage in a small balcony with the sound man.
Placed the microphones in front of the soundboard sticking out over the edge.
Turned out the yakking section was right below the microphones (low part of balcony).
Some rustling sounds are present during some of the quieter passages.
It was a long show and I was chatting it up with friends so I missed the tape flips in places.
Oh well.

This is a fan recording and historical document and is not intended for resale or any commercial use.

Support these artists if possible as they can't live on memories.
Flying M Productions (May 2012)

Just a note: James Intveld joined the Blasters a few years later as the guitarist.
If anyone has a recording of any of those shows I would be their best friend if they shared them!
Everyone that enjoys this music should check out James Intveld who is a wonderful person and a great singer songwriter.

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