Patterson Hood
City Winery
Nashville TN
August 4, 2016

Recorded with Roland Edirol R-09
using SP-CMC-8 mics with STC-9000 Preamp.
Track separation with CDWave.

Recorded from front center.


Demonic Possession (DBT song)
Daddy Needs a Drink (DBT song)
Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife (DBT song)
Hanging On (DBT song)
The Righteous Path (DBT song)
This Fucking Job (DBT song)
Sink Hole (DBT song)
Old Timer�s Disease
Ever South (new DBT song)
Everybody Needs Love (Eddie Hinton cover)
Guns of Umpqua (new DBT song)
The Fourth Night of My Drinking (DBT song)
Heathens (DBT song � dedicated to Jason Isbell)
When the Sun Don�t Shine (new DBT song)
Uncle Disney
The Opening Act (DBT song)
What it Means (new DBT song)
The Living Bubba (DBT song)
Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance
Back of a Bible
Bulldozers and Dirt (DBT song)

Patterson Hood � Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

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