Patti Smith - Hawaiian Room, Roosevelt Hotel, New York City 1974-11-10 "Rock N' Rimbaud III" 32Khz DAT dub from AUD Reel - Rare early show! (mp3 sample included)

Here we find Patti flying, soaring above us all, shouting rhythmic, stream-of-conciousness poetry to a back beat. A lot of this show appears to be improvised, and IMO some of it you may be hearing for the first time. The recording is divided into two sets - acoustic and electric.

There's no real setlist here, although I am reasonably certain of some of the track titles. Please, Patti fans: help us out!
Runtime about 81 minutes

Acoustic Set
01.)(fades in)
02.) Tuscan
03.) Honor Thy Rimbaud

Electric Set
04.) Thrill Upon The Hill
06.) Rape Two
09.) We Like Birdland
10.) Piss Factory
16.)(fades out)

Quality is listenable to. No EQ was used, please listen to the mp3 sample.

Notes:This torrent is upsampled to CD-ready 44.1Khz from a 32Khz DAT source. This means that it's lossy, but that it's also allowable on Dime. Please read Dime's Wiki at, or PM me with any questions directly before bothering the Moderators... Besides, they already know about it.

Lineage and combined notes: (Taper and DAT suppliers: "They Who Must Not Be Named". It's not me. Did I say that you were getting something special here?)->DAT at 32Khz ->Tascam DA-40 ->Sound Forge at 44.1K through Echo Audio Layla 3G digital inputs. For some still unknown reason, transfer ran way too fast. Transferring at 32Khz into Sound Forge did not appear to help and that transfer was abandoned. A seperate analog capture was used and the digital capture was pitched to that on a time basis to within .007 seconds over total runtime of 81 minutes. (To do this, note time of analog capture. Cut both analog and digital single-file captures to same points on wave at beginning and end. Initiate Pitch Shift function on digital capture. Move slider on Pitch Shift function until final running times match.)


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