Patti Smith
at the Jazz Workshop,
Boston Mass USA
January 09, 1976
[originally incorrectly dated April 07 1975; see notes below]
WBCN-FM live broadcast
Probably a Hezekiahx2 recording

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uncensored version

93:26 minutes

01. DJ (Maxanne) talks 1:23
02. Real Good Time Together 3:20
03. Privilege 4:06
04. Ain't It Strange 7:48
05. Kimberly 5:37
06. Redondo Beach 4:49
07. Free Money 5:02
08. Pale Blue Eyes 7:06
09. Pumping 4:27
10. Birdland 16:50
11. My Mafia 3:49
12. Land 12:45
13. Time is On My Side 4:23
14. Gloria 6:58
15. My Generation 4:55 (w/ John Cale) / (DJ Maxanne talks)

suggestion for CDs:
Disc 1
tracks 1-11 - 64:23
Disc 2
tracks 12-15 - 29:04

Patti Smith - vocals
Lenny Kaye - guitar, bass, vocals
Ivan Kral - guitar, bass, vocals
Richard Sohl - keyboards, piano
Jay Dee Daugherty - drums

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Master 'off air' FM Reel [Maxell LNE18-7 (Revox) 7 1/2ips 1/4 track] --> Tascam CD-RW2000 -->EAC --> CDWAV --> FLAC

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After downloading, Please change the text file to refect the correct date as well as song titles.... Thanks to those who know!!!!

What can I say.....WBCN announced late in the day that they were broadcasting this show. I ran around looking to buy a reel of tape. Ended up getting a Maxell 'Low Noise' reel. Not my favorite but it worked. Taped this one off the FM at the time. I had to do a reel flip before the encore of "My Generation'. Just made it.

Note: The Band is over modulated in many places. It's not me just the way it came over the FM at the time. John Cale puts the neck of his guitar through the ceiling of the Jazz Workshop on 'My Generation'. 'Maxanne' comments about this at the end of track 15.

This always gets listed as "Pall's Mall" but if you listen to "Maxanne" (WBCN DJ) she says that they are live from the "Jazz Workshop" which was right next door to Pall's Mall. WBCN did do live broadcasts from either place. I think my date is correct but I am not sure. I could use some help with the song titles also....Thanks

I did not break this between 2 discs. I'll leave this up to you as how you want to do it.
- 2005
749009 by allsoundz at 2005-11-02 02:24:17 GMT
I believe, based on your mention of John Cale putting the bass through the ceiling that this is the same show I taped on Jan. 09, 1976. The show was at the Jazz Workshop and Garland Jeffreys was the opening act. I attended the first set on the night they broadcast or, maybe, the night before. I doubt vey much that the March 75 date could be right. Her first lp didn't come out until the end of '75 and the Jan 76 gigs were touted as her first shows in Boston with her band. This was a famous broadcast in the annals of Boston radio because Patti used a lot of "bad" language on stage and BCN asked her to tone it down for the radio. She refused and it was doubtful that the show would be broadcast until shortly before they put her on the air. On my tape, at one point Patti uses some four letter words and says "I don't know if we're still on the air." After the show finished the DJ at the z Workshop said something like, "Thanks to whoever is signing the FCC book tonight".
The shows were very well attended and there was a long line outside the club the night I went. A teenaged girl and two guys were drinking heavily while waiting outside for a couple of hours and by the time they got into the club were completely trashed. They sat in the front row of tables, right in front of me. The girl passed out but woke up during Garland Jeffreys set, leaned froward and threw up all over his pant leg and shoes. Jeffreys, a complete professional, remained unfazed and changed the lyrics of the song he was singing to "and with my hankerchief I will wipe her barf' as he cleaned himself off. He then proceeded to finish the song while gingerly dancing around the spreading pool of vomit. Those were the days!
Master 'off air' FM Reel [Maxell LNE18-7 (Revox) 7 1/2ips 1/4 track] --> Tascam CD-RW2000 -->EAC --> CDWAV --> FLAC
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probably a Hezekiahx2 recording [thanks!]
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