Patti Smith
February 15, 1976
Boarding House, San Francisco, California, USA
Significant upgrade. I've remastered all of, and made fixes to, the version uploaded 28 May 2007. Only the artwork remains the same.

I prefer as little processing as possible, but while listening a million times I found more was necessary.

1. Source 1 was remastered to balance level drops, with special attention to many spots where I improved levels or the mix.
2. Both sources used for the first 6 seconds faded in; I raised the levels to 'unfade' them, fixing some noise that became audible in doing so.
3. During the talk between the first two songs, t1 between 2:48 and 3:11 the levels had jumped up too high so I lowered them to match.
4. I eliminated a half-second of overlap t6@3:11
5. I patched a glitch on Source 3 with Source 2 t12@7:01

I apologize for not getting it right the first time, I regret how many people would need to download this again to get this new version.

Highly recommended, much of it sounds great, it's my favorite Patti recording. The original posting of this received 596 Snatches (515 on Dime).

This complete "best" version combines 3 incomplete sources; details on the original torrent below in "Notes".

All sources are FM from broadcast on KSAN
Source 1 (~32 minutes): CDR>EAC>WAV
Source 2 (~2 minutes): I received as WAV files
Source 3 (~22 minutes): I received as WAV files
Patching and remastering: WAV>Cool Edit Pro 2.1>FLAC(level 8)

Varies even within sources.
Source 1: Excellent, I rate it "A" (in places it varies as low as "B+")
Source 2: Good, I rate it "B" (I grade hard and use all the letters ABCDF)
Source 3: OK, I rate it "B-"

Artwork included; many thanks to G. The Cock for creating the very cool artwork, I particularly love it!

01 We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together 3:14
02 Privilege 3:30
03 Ain't It Strange 7:09
04 Kimberly 4:30
05 Redondo Beach 4:34
06 Free Money 3:59
07 Pale Blue Eyes > 3:55
08 Louie Louie 2:12
09 Pumping 2:22
10 Time Is On My Side 3:37
11 Flying Saucers Rock And Roll reading 6:19
12 Gloria 7:06
13 My Generation 4:09

Time: 56:34
Size: 350MB

Per there were 2 shows on this date; it is unknown if this recording is from the first or the second show.

All the sources are partial.
Source 1 of this complete "best" version is the excellent-SQ version in circulation. It's 42 minutes long, but unfortunately the last 10 minutes are corrupted by digital noise and distortion, so here it is patched with other sources. Towards the end of the uncorrupted part of Source 1, I remastered to balance level fluctuations (for 1 minute 2 seconds starting 1 second into Louie Louie).

Source 3 is the last 22:31 (from the middle of Pumping to the end), where it sounds better than Source 2.

Source 2 (53:56) was patched by Vineland from other sources. I used Source 2 to patch numerous gaps in Source 1, mostly between songs (I'll speculate that many of these gaps might be the result of edits before the rebroadcast). The gaps are: the first 5 seconds, 5 seconds@2:16, 6 seconds@2:26, 5 seconds@6:36, 0.2 seconds patching diginoise@27:08, 14 seconds@30:09, 36 seconds@32:16, and 55 seconds@33:05
Most of the gaps weren't obvious, including the 14 seconds@30:09 in the middle of Pale Blue Eyes.

Many thanks to Vineland also for Source 2 and Source 3 (and Source 4 which was not used)!

Absolutely no selling! Please share freely. Please only convert to mp3 for your own use. Please support the artists.

coyote 27 August 2007

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