Patti Smith

Crawdaddy Interview, New York, 1976-02-xx (Crawdaddy Radio Revue, CR2-76)

01 Interview by Michael Cuscuna (Length - 11min13sec)

Crawdaddy Radio Revue was a series of single-sided 12" (33 1/3 rpm) discs.
These weren't a freebie given away with Crawdaddy Magazine but were sent to college radio stations, like a transcription disc, with a cue sheet with timings so they could place commercials etc. Each disc ran for about 26 minutes. These discs were produced during 1975 and 1976.

Each disc usually featured two interviews. This particular one featured an interview with Martin Mull and one with Patti Smith. I only have the Patti Smith part - and this has a few seconds missing from the end because my tape runs out, but no Patti is missing - the interviewer has already finished the interview and is making a final announcement.

As for the date of this. I've seen it listed as 1975 but this is incorrect. (One website also features a transcript of an interview from Crawdaddy Magazine from Dec 1975, perhaps that's where the misunderstanding arose because it's a totally different interview).

Looking for clues in the interview, it's after the release of Horses (wiki has the release date as 13th Dec 75).
In the interview Patti mentions a few recent tour dates "Atlanta, Cleveland, Boston, DC".

Looking at the tour dates on we get the following dates-
Atlanta 23 Jan 76, Cleveland 26/27 Jan 76, Boston 9+11 Jan 76, DC 16 Jan 76.
So it has to be sometime after 27th Jan 76.

Also it's fairly clear that the interview takes place in New York.
And Michael Cuscuna was a DJ at WPLJ New York so it's possible this was recorded at WPLJ's studios.
So looking at the tour dates there's a 3-week gap - the last 2 weeks in Feb and the first week of March. I think it's likely it was recorded during this period.

I'm fairly sure the "2" in the record number "CR2-76" means it's second in the series rather than February, which would have been nice.

Vinyl > Cassette(one or more cassette generations) > Cassette(That's EMX60, unknown gen), used as a filler track on a tape from Camden Market seller 'Goose'.
> Soundforge(Sony noise reduction -12dB / larger clicks removed manually) > Groove Mechanic(declick, to remove all the smaller clicks) > Traders Little Helper(Fix SBE - post-pad) > flac(6)

Before declicking this was riddled with clicks, both small ones and large ones. Groove Mechanic removed the smaller clicks quite nicely but it couldn't remove the larger ones, so I removed the larger ones manually first (because I've had declick sometimes make large clicks sound worse). I normally don't use declick as it either never works or makes clicks sound worse. This is only the second time I've had any success with it.

Egg_Crisis, 1st May 2013

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