Patti Smith - London,GB Roundhouse 1976.05.17
plus bonus tracks from 1975 & rare interviews

Lineage: Vinyl(Live in London Roundhouse 1976 Bootleg)
>Philips CDR 570 > Nero Wave Editor > Click
and Crackle Removal,cleanup of a few glitches > FLAC (TLH level 8)
sectors aligned and verified

Ultra rare Vinyl bootleg from early Patti Smith,the quality is g(-) to vg(+)
please listen to the two MP 3 samples before download and read my rating.

setlist :

01.Free Money
02.Pissing in a river
03.Pumping(My Heart)
04.Ain`t it strange
06.Time is om my side (*)

07.Histories Of The Universe/Seven Ways Of Going,Parade (1)
08.Hungerthon Interview WNEW 11/29/76 (2)
09.War is Over (3)
10.Piss Factory (3)
11.Land (3)
12.Radio Interview WNEW 1976 (4)

(*) 1976.05.16 London Roundhouse

1."Histories Of The Universe/Seven Ways Of Going,Parade" Poetry reading at St. Mark's Church
in 1975.01.01 - sound quality very good, with Patti at her best.
2.Hungerthon Interview WNEW,with Harry Chapin,11/29/76 - sound quality very good,
with Patti in a grumpy mood.
3."War is Over"/"Piss Factory"/"Land" live performance at Central Park, 1975.05.11
sound quality good(-), performance excellent.
4.Rare Radio Interview (with ?? Scott Muni on WNEW, in early 1976 - sound quality very good,
with Patti at her best again.