Patti Smith
December 31, 1976
Palladium, New York City, USA

Sound quality isn't good. Only recordings with great sound quality get my repeated listening, but this performance is so great it is the exception.

This relatively new, nearly complete version is patched with the best of the two previously circulating incomplete sources.

Varies from "C-" to "B-", from lame to not good. But it's nearly complete, and significantly better-sounding than the far less complete alternate sources (a 90:39 "D" and a 87:52 "D-")(I grade hard and use all the letters ABCDF).

*Lineage: audience recording*
Panasonic AM/FM Stereo 'boom box' w/condenser non-adjusting volume mics>Cassette Masters>equalizer>SHN(June 2002)>FLAC(27 January 2007)>I received directly from the taper via a private BT tracker>WAV
Recorded (from the floor, left section about halfway back in an aisle seat) and mastered by Teddy "GoodBear" Selby; many thanks Teddy!

Patches are from a "D" audience recording of unknown lineage I received as WAV files

Patching and fixes by coyote: WAV>Cool Edit Pro 2.1>FLAC(level 8)

Artwork included; many thanks to G. The Cock for creating the very cool artwork, I love it!
(I also included a folder containing 16MB of jpegs of concert ephemera contributed by Vineland; many thanks Vineland! I believe rdunn is also planning to include these same 16MB of jpegs in the torrents of the opening sets by John Cale and Television.)

Disc One 33:19
01 Land 6:16
02 Ask The Angels 4:23
03 Redondo Beach 4:48
04 Free Money 4:35
05 Queen Of Sheba 7:43
06 Space Monkey 5:35

Disc Two 74:39
01 Pissing In A River 6:40
02 Pumping 3:48
03 Ain't It Strange 11:41
04 Auld Lang Syne > 0:35
05 Radio Ethiopia > 7:38
06 Rock And Roll Nigger > 9:18
07 Gloria 8:26
08 The Revenge Of Vera Gemini 4:35
09 //Birdland > 12:01
10 My Generation* 9:57

*with additional personnel; during My Generation @1:28 Patti lists many names, the audible ones were: Dee Dee Ramone, Richard Sohl, Jay Dee Daugherty, Ivan Kral, Lenny Kaye, Leigh Foxx, Andy Ostrowe, John Cale, Television

Time: 107:58:60
Size: 557MB

Removed diginoise at cuts:
@38:03 (4min 43seconds into d2t1), @55:03 (11min 15seconds into d2t3), and @80:21 (7min 21seconds into d2t7)

Patched with alternate source:
15 seconds@20:03 (1/3 of a second into d1t5), 3.3 seconds@43:31 (3min30seconds into d2t2), 2.6 seconds@85:58 (last 2.6 seconds d2t8), 62 seconds@106:57 (last 62 seconds of the show)

Fortunately the new best-sounding source is also the most-complete. I don't think much of the start of Birdland is missing. I dropped the levels on the patches to match the volume of the primary source. There is some clipping particularly during Ask The Angels (d1t2) and The Revenge Of Vera Gemini (d2t8).

Teddy: "Television was the warm up band that night. I'm not positive, but as I remember it I think the last few songs had members of Television play with Patti and her group. Maybe after listening you can determine if this was the case?

The Television set recordings and batteries were confiscated by management just before Patti took the stage :(. I managed however to have hidden a 2nd set of batteries and successfully recorded ALL of Patti and her band."

Many thanks to Vineland for the two alternate sources!

Absolutely no selling! Please share freely. Please only convert to mp3 for your own use. Please support the artists.

coyote 6 October 2007