Sunday, 23 January 1977

Curtis Hixon Hall
600 Ashley Drive
Tampa, Florida 33602

FLAC master, 24 January 2018, by elegymart:
Analog audience recording (mono) {recorded by Lee Steel}: little cassette player with built-in mic > analog audio cassette master > CDR {transferred by Lee Steel, 1999} > TDK Certified Plus 74-minute CDR {via trade w/ Lee, 1999} > EAC (WAV extraction, secure mode) > WAV > SHNtool (joined all WAVs) > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (audio cleanup) > SHNtool (fixed SBE) > CD Wave (track splits) > TLH (WAV > FLAC8).
Created this text file.

Total running time [30:47]
01 introduction [1:35]
02 Land [4:15]
03 Ask the Angels [3:40]
04 Redondo Beach [4:03]
05 Free Money [4:50]
06 Pumping (My Heart) [3:50]
07 Ain't It Strange [8:30]

Band line-up:
Patti Smith - vocals
Lenny Kaye - guitar
Ivan Kral - bass
Richard Sohl - keyboards
Jay Dee Daugherty - drums


You're probably all bored now with the plethora of Patti that gets upped here, so I'll try not to put up too much more after this. However, this one was requested by durian1 some time ago, and although better late than never, I figure I'd stick to my promise even if it's about a day off its anniversary date. This show circulated in somewhat limited fashion amongst Patti collectors via the taper almost twenty years ago, and may have subsequently surfaced on EZT although I can't find an appearance of this after 2004.

Neal Mersky from local station Quad 102.5 introduces the Patti Smith Group in this opening set for Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. For those who don't know, this was the show where Patti twirls around in literal fashion during the middle of "Ain't It Strange," before the prophetic verses of the song which she never gets around to singing:

I spin, I spiral, and I splatter
Hand of God, I feel the finger,
Hand of God, and I start to whirl
And I whirl, and I whirl,
Don't get dizzy, do not fall now.

But OUCH -- fall she does, taking a nasty tumble from the stage, as you can hear some folks near the taper's mic acknowledge and gasp. Her personal onstage faceoff with God put the brakes on an European tour that was to take place after this accident, and she wouldn't recover well enough to perform until April when she was back at CBGB and the Mike Douglas Show.

Sound on this is rather lo-fi, but listenable. "Free Money" is cut. Many thanks to Lee for taping this back then and most importantly for sharing this piece of PSG history. I think the Bob Seger set may have also one passed by on the EZT highway, but regardless, if you have it, please share.

Over the years on dime, EZT, the Archival Group, and through all the various and assorted other trading groups online preceding that, and the CDR, DAT, and analog cassette traders which came before, I've gathered a moderate collection of items to share. I've helped with transfers (the Cactus and related uploads from over a decade ago here, and currently a bite out of the massive Stonecutter Archives), contributed setlists and corrections to many a torrent -- all the sort of things that don't raise one's share ratio. I've shared some of my masters back in the old snail mail days, but it's high time to give back more here from where I've received so much. I had meant to do a roll-out with something grand and possibly a series (Elegymart #1, #2, etc.), but that's been done countless times before.

At this point not only have we've all aged along with dime's existence, but our media and the equipment that can play it back has as well. So rather than any fanfare or concern over share ratio, consider this upload another step in a more diligent attempt to beat the time and to circulate the collection.

Enjoy in your morbid curiosity -- or try to look away,