Patti Smith Group
New York, NY
December 30, 1977

Source-Memorex reel, probably third generation

A very strange show. Apparently too many tickets were sold and the fire department was there to
remove some of the fans. The crowd is very raucous which sort of adds to the normal energy of a Patti
Smith show.

This is how the songs appear on the reel I received. We Three and Till Victory appear twice but it does
seem these are different performances given the difference in the crowd noise.

The highlight is certainly Bruce Springsteen joining Patti for the premier of Because the Night.

1. We Three
2. Till Victory
3. Be My Baby
4. Pumping
5. Ghost Dance
6. Because the Night with Bruce Springsteen
7. 25th Floor
8. Rock n� Roll Nigger
9. Land
10. Ask the Angels
11. Kimberly
12. We Three
13. Till Victory