Patti Smith The White Bitch Comes Good Vinyl Bootleg 1978/01/20 London UK

Patti Smith
The White Bitch Comes Good

This is a good audience recording - check the samples

Lineage: Unknown > Vinyl LPs > TDK SA 90 > Audacity (WAV) > FLAC8 (TLH)

All clicks and crackles have been left intact

Included is the original LP artwork

This is a very rare recording - I sold this double LP on eBay a few years ago for 135 (I paid 8 for it in 1979)

Privilege (Set Me Free)
Babelogue/Rock n' Roll Nigger
Space Monkey
Till Victory
We Three
25th Floor
Running and Hiding
Ghost Dance
Ain't It Strange
Time In On My Side
Because the Night,
Pumping (My Heart)
Part I: In Excelsis Deo
Part II: Gloria
Be My Baby
My Generation


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