Patti Smith
Daddy's Dance Hall
Copenhagen, Denmark
March 7, 1978

Previously uncirculated show!

Audience recording of otherwise unknown lineage and generation (probably low)
on AGFA Ferro Cassette.

Nakamichi DR1 (azimuth adjusted) > Soundblaster Pro > Soundforge 9 (balance and level adjustments)
> FLAC Frontend level 8 aligned on sector boundaries (FLAC)

.md5 and .ffp files created with Trader's Little Helper

Disc One:

01 - We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together (cuts in)
02 - Kimberly
03 - Ask The Angels
04 - 25th Floor
05 - You Really Got Me (lead vocals: Ivan Kral)
06 - We Three
07 - Till Victory
08 - Privilege (Set Me Free)
09 - Be My Baby

Disc Two:

01 - Time Is On My Side
02 - Because The Night
03 - Pumping (My Heart)
04 - Radio Ethiopia*
05 - Gloria
06 - Land (encore) (cut)

*including a spoken excerpt of Rock'n'Roll Nigger

Here's a really rare and for its age quite good and previously uncirculated recording of the
Patti Smith Group I just found and decided to share with you.

I don't know why, but the tape's B-side sounds significantly worse than its A-side. I re-adjusted the
azimuth but couldn't fix the problem (as the recording levels were different between A and B side, I assume
it happened during the copying process from the master or earlier generation to my tape). But, hey, it's
a 30 years old cassette - don't expect wonders!

Artwork is included as always - sound samples under comments.

stoned greetings
G. The Cock