Patti Smith Group - 1978-05-04, The Place, Eugene OR - FM - Reseed

Careful With That Axe, Patti!

Are you ready for round 2 today? Here then is another holy shit hot show from Patti high on 1978 rebellion again last seen hanging round on DIME back in 2010.

Original Notes

Patti Smith Group
May 4, 1978
The Place, Eugene, Oregon, USA

This torrent's audio is identical to the previous posting, but 5 files are not identical: the d2t9 flac, back artwork jpeg, info.txt, .ffp, and .md5 files. These 5 files changed because I made
the mistake of believing the original bootleg artwork (at ), which incorrectly calls d2t9 "Space Monkey" when it's really "Kimberly",
so G. The Cock kindly made this revision on the back artwork, and I renamed and retagged the flac file.

d1t7 (25th Floor) is removed because it was officially released. I tracked the adjacent songs so that if you extract the official track from disc 2 of Patti's "Land", it will fit (perfectly per instructions below under "Do-It-Yourself Official Patch" -- see text).

[d1t4 (No Jestering - Lenny's song) is removed because it was officially released on, "You're a Hook"�The 15 Year Anniversary of Dial-a-Poem (1968-1983) - 06/18/84 Giorno Poetry Systems records (#GPS 030) - md 2014]


**Highly** recommended.

Lineage: CD bootleg "A Heavy Rock & Roll" (Countdown Factory CDF-942015A/B)(from KCEL-FM SBD broadcast)>CDR(x)>CDR I received by mail>EAC>Sound Forge>Cool Edit Pro 2.1>FLAC(level 8)

SQ: Almost "A", one of the best-sounding 70s Patti recordings. The previous two postings of this torrent received 849 Snatches. The most recent posting dropped off the tracker a month ago
after 655 days on the tracker.

Artwork included; many thanks to G. The Cock for reworking the original artwork, and creating the inside front cover artwork, I love it! The original artwork is at

Disc One 49:02
01 Land > 3:34
02 Rock And Roll Nigger 3:24
03 Privilege 4:27
[REMOVED No Jestering]
05 Free Money 5:38
06 Pissing In A River 5:34
REMOVED 25th Floor
08 Pumping 4:50
09 You Really Got Me 3:18
10 Time Is on My Side 3:54
11 Ghost Dance 6:35
12 Because the Night 3:55

Disc Two 50:26
01 Easter 6:09
02 Radio Ethiopia > 6:02
03 Gloria 6:49
04 Jailhouse Rock 2:08
05 My Generation 6:25
Filler: May 12, 1978 Civic Center, Santa Monica, California, USA
06 Land > 1:51
07 Rock And Roll Nigger 3:31
08 Privilege 3:52
09 Kimberly 5:50
10 Till Victory 3:57
11 Redondo Beach 3:53

Total: 95:34
Size: 568MB

d1t1@0:00.019 I removed a digiclick
d1t11@0:11.250 I removed 8.304 seconds that repeated (and had a rough splice)

**** Do-It-Yourself Official Patch ****
I removed d1t7 (a great "25th Floor") because it was officially released as d2t4 of Patti's "Land". I tracked the adjacent songs so that if you own that CD, and extract that track, it will fit
between d1t6 and d1t8.

It won't automatically fit perfectly because the official track begins and ends with little periods of silence (~0.4 seconds and ~2 seconds), and with fades. But if you use an audio editor,
it will fit perfectly if you extract (I recommend Exact Audio Copy), and cut the official track ("25th Floor") at the following spots, depending upon your choice of audio editor:

*Audacity 1.2.6*
5:36.306655 and 3.61332

*Exact Audio Copy v0.99 pre-beta 1*
0:05:36.3066 and 0:00:03.6133 (cues show as 05:36.23 and 00:03.46)

*Sound Forge 9.0a (in seconds)*
336.306644 and 3.613311

*Cool Edit Pro 2.1*
5:36:22.99915 and 0:03:45.99915

In the spirit of supporting the artist, I encourage you to do this, but only for your own use.
If you'd like to do it but do not have an audio editor, I recommend the free, cross-platform Audacity at
If you get stuck, I'd be happy to provide help, or step-by-step instructions, for doing this patch with the software above. If you follow the instructions and check for SBEs and it doesn't pass
I'd be interested to hear; so far it's been SBE-free for everyone.

Absolutely no selling! Please share freely. Please only convert to mp3 for your own use. Please support the artists.

coyote 22 July 2009


A Heavy Rock & Roll (double CD) (Countdown Factory CDF-942015A/B)

Tracklist: (disc 1) Horses (Land)/ Rock 'N' Roll Nigger/ Privilege (Set Me Free)/ Lenny's Song/ Free Money/ Pissing In A River/ 25th Floor/ My Heart Is Pumping/ You Really Got Me/
Time Is On My Side/ Ghost Dance/ Because The Night (disc 2) Easter/ Radio Ethiopia/ Gloria/ Jailhouse Rock/ My Generation/Horses*/Rock 'N' Roll Nigger*/ Privilege*/ Space Monkey*/
Till Victory*/ Redondo Beach*

Disc Times: 54:42 & 50:28
Source: The Place, Eugene, Oregon, May 4, 1978 + *Santa Monica, Ca., May 12, 1978 (5 tracks) (same performance as the vinyl bootleg You Light Up My Life.
Quality: A low generation or master soundboard tape was used for the Eugene portion. A slightly inferior broadcast recording with noticeable hiss was used for the Santa Monica tracks.
Liner pictures: B & W photo of Patti with right hand underneath strap of shirt (front), color photo of Patti at mike, in green shirt (back).


End Original Notes

Full-song sound samples in comments par mois pour vous bien sur.

2014-09-27 mike dreams on...DIME

Just in case you missed getting hit with my roundhouse blow #1 and climbing higher all the time and beyond being big upped today way out from down under yesteryear 2010:

Patti Smith Group - 1978-04-18, Agora Ballroom, Cleveland OH - FM - Reseed

There is no land but the Cleveland.

(Up there is a ballroom of possibilities!)

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