Patti Smith - Ludwigshafen, Germany 11 September 1978

1st generation tape>CDR(Pilips CDR570)>wave(EAC)>flacf(8)TLH
align on sector boundaries

1st gen.Tape from a trade with my friend D.S.
fantastic show from Patti Smith and her band,the quality is exc.-
in my ears,but listen to MP 3 samples before downloading.The bonus
track seems to be from a Lou Reed show with Patti Smith as a special
guest,a great version of Waiting for...
I love the 1978 period of Patti Smith and I saw a lot of shows in
germany,this show and the Berlin shows are the best in my opinion.

line up :

Patti Smith - vocals
Lenny Kaye - guitar
Jay Dee Daughtery - drums
Ivan Kral - bass,guitar,back,voc.
Richard Sohl - piano

setlist :

CD 1

01.Poppies 08:45
02.audience - sit down 01:45
03.Itís a Manís Manís Manís World 06:40
04.Till Victory 04:05
05.Ask the Angels 03:55
06.We Three 05:56
07.(Sweet)Revenge 06:30
08.Cold Turkey (John Lennon) 05:25
09.So You Want to Be (A Rock ĎNí Roll Star) 07:25
10.Because the Night 04:05
11.Pumping (My Heart) 04:00
12.audience 00:50

CD 2

13.Ainít it Strange 12:10
14.Radio Ethiopia - Gloria(tape flip) 18:51
15.Gloria cont. 09:40
16.Be My Baby 03:01
17.My Generation 08:13
18.Waiting for a man - bonus track with Lou Reed,
New York,Bottom Line 1977.07.xx FM broadcast 03:32

flac fingerprints :

8b496cec75cc8f627672fcf96237e66b *CD 1\01. Patti Smith - 01.Poppies.flac
7c1836d1d51fc90caab3138c5e1b34de *CD 1\02. Patti Smith - 02.Audience -sit down.flac
2c1f1a234a234e02293f9c1421f0cb43 *CD 1\03. Patti Smith - 03.It`s a man`s world.flac
2c7c59119755eb114ecaa8be0583f5af *CD 1\04. Patti Smith - 04.Till Victory.flac
ebc9931bbc1fe5f7302b5220af9c96bc *CD 1\05. Patti Smith - 05.Ask the angels.flac
c772849e98386fcbf472f7560c8e9072 *CD 1\06. Patti Smith - 06.We Three.flac
5e5cd1ff244f4369b55568cf38c2dedc *CD 1\07. Patti Smith - 07.Sweet Revenge.flac
563ab4353f68b5991951145e0f5a3491 *CD 1\08. Patti Smith - 08.Cold Turkey.flac
32d4768dc5b39228b67733b9f2c43bd1 *CD 1\09. Patti Smith - 09.Rock `N`Roll Star.flac
0d2ee4a03353f24eb643360cbd8dbce3 *CD 1\10. Patti Smith - 10.Because the night.flac
c6b407f09d9fde1199ce820c1d49afab *CD 1\11. Patti Smith - 11.Pumping.flac
fac20c3d20778e70aea8c9e52ef1a305 *CD 1\12. Patti Smith - 12.applause.flac
bce1ec6cdb618af6661a6a30f1e31eda *CD 1\CD 1.ffp
65734264e71e2f9a5e16ba7f67f88927 *CD 2\01. Patti Smith - 13.Aint`it strange.flac
7db04033e882990cbe912be2ab5962eb *CD 2\02. Patti Smith - 14.Radio Ethiopia - Gloria.flac
8ab853ff2f24b0f79f22415bcc622db8 *CD 2\03. Patti Smith - 15.Gloria cont..flac
7581d734e0e04b7d0469b1bd9162d007 *CD 2\04. Patti Smith - 16.Be my baby.flac
fd9e6fd23facfd4b1de51848d5023a23 *CD 2\05. Patti Smith - 17.My Generation.flac
ac28008655fc3b842b57af07bff7e458 *CD 2\06. Patti Smith - 18.Waiting For a Man (1977.07.xx.flac
c006165d6eaf4e6d980af59c9d1c1279 *CD 2\CD 2.ffp
d46afa71148a6cf993025bc5a17b48e4 *Patti Smith - Ludwigshafen, Germany 11 September 1978.txt