Patti Smith
Pritchard Gymnasium
Stony Brook University
Long Island, NY

March 17, 1979

The Stonecutter Collection [Vol 23]

Source: Panasonic Cassette Walkman w/built in mic > Cassette Master > DAT

Transfer: Sony DAT DTC-ZE700 > Optical Cable > JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW

Editing: Soundforge 9.0 > Wav > TLH [SB's aligned] Flac Level 6

Traders Den 5/15/15

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Today I bring you an incredible rarity from Patti Smith.

Something I didn't see listed anywhere.

I found a website that has a great list of her past concert lists.

The sound quality is far less than perfect, but if you're a fan of Patti's,

then you'll most definitely want this in your collection.

I was surprised to hear Patti do a cover of Buddy Holly's "Oh Boy".

and The Who "My Generation" and then the Debby Boone cover "You Light Up My Life" as the encore !!!

A big thanks goes out to Rich for taping this rare Patti show.

Now being torrented and shared for the first time anywhere.

I've made notes below, detailing were I found some tape flips and cuts.

Band Members
Patti Smith - Guitar, Vocals
Lenny Kaye - Guitar, Vocals
Ivan Kral - Bass, Vocals
Bruce Brody - Keyboards
Jay Dee Daugherty - Drums

I've added samples below for those that can help figure out song titles.

01 Rock 'N' Roll Star (The Byrds)
02 ??
03 Dancing Barefoot
04 Frederick
05 Citizen Ship
06 ??
07 Revenge
08 ?? (tape flip @ 4:30 and tiny cut @ 5:00)
09 Broken Flag
10 Tomorrow (song from Annie) (tape stop at end)
11 My Generation (The Who)
12 Privilege
13 ??
14 Jailhouse Rock (Elvis Presley)
15 ?? (tape stop at end)
16 Pumping
17 Oh, Boy! (Buddy Holly)
18 Because the Night
19 Seven Ways of Going
20 Gloria
21 Rock n Roll Nigga
22 You Light Up My Life > Tomorrow (reprise)

Total Time = 131:06 min