Patti Smith And Her Band
Irving Plaza, New York City, Ny, Usa
June 21, 1996
Master Audience Recording By Tommy Gunzz

Sony D3 & Supplied Mic>1St Gen Cassette>Audacity>Tlh>Flc

Patti, Lenny, Jay Dee, Tony Shanahan, Tom Verlaine, Oliver Ray

01. ? [kimberly smith]
02. smoke on the water [w/ jackson smith]
short break
03. beneath the southern cross
04. redondo beach
05. wicked messenger
06. hand of faith
07. ghost dance
08. free money
09. intros
10. walking blind
11. dancing barefoot [fades out]
12. about a boy
13. summer cannibals
14. when doves cry
15. people have the power [spoken]>>>gone again
16. wild leaves
17. land>>>rock and roll nigger
18. farewell reel

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