Patti Smith - Villa Arconati, Baranzate Di Bollate, Milano, Italy, July 12th 1996, feat. Michael Stipe, Tom Verlaine & Lenny Kaye.

Disc One :

1. Redondo Beach
2. Wicked Messenger
3. Guitar Solo > Smoke On The Water (Vocals by Jackson Smith)
4. Free Money
5. Ghost Dance
6. Beneath The Southern Cross
7. Ravens (???????)
8. Dancing Barefoot
9. Summer Cannibals (???????)
10. Burning Roses (??????) (w/ Lenny Kaye on vocals)
11. When Doves Cry > Ain't It Strange > When Doves Cry
12. About A Boy

Disc Two :

1. Wild Leaves
2. People Have The Power (spoken) >
3. Gone Again
4. Because The Night *
5. Band Intro > Horses > Gloria *
6. Farewell Reel (acoustic)

*w. Michael Stipe on backing vocals and guitar.

This is the first of a bunch of barely circulated Patti Smith's italian shows i got in
trade from a friend sometime ago. All of them are nice audience recordings.
Need help for 2/3 songs titles, but having maximum PS experts around Dime like
Gthecock and Coyote, it will not be a problem....This lot is dedicated to my friend
Gunther that has done so much around here with his fantastic artwork job (hey G.
i need one for this !) and to Coyote for all the great masters he has shared on Dime.
I remember this show for 2 things : a fantastic performance for a magical night,
and some giant mosquitos flying around in a really hot Milano summer evening !!!

Master tape > cd > computer > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac.

Uploaded by 38f on Dime, January 2007.