The Patti Smith Group
Riviera Theatre
Chicago, IL USA
November 22, 1998
FM broadcast

I'd like to dedicate this uncommon (I've never seen it on
Dime or STG (RIP) during the six + years that I've been here)
broadcast to my friend coyote who has done more to spread the
Patti Smith gospel on Dime than anybody else ! He has a
treasure trove of recordings and loves to share them. All
hail the mighty coyote ; we all owe him a large debt of
gratitude. Keep 'em coming, my friend. I hope that you don't
have this one but you probably do. Maybe not a master copy,

Setlist & Fingerprints -

Notes -

Track 01 is just a little chopped-up, so don't cry.

Track 14 - People Have The Power and RITFW: People Have The Power
is a poem and RITFW = Rockin' In The Free World (Neil Young)

Track 16 - DOI, RNRN, Gloria: DOI = Declaration Of Independence
RNRN = Rock 'N' Roll Nigger and Gloria features only the chorus.
The whole song does NOT appear.

Lineage -

Technics Quartz Synthesizer AM/FM Stereo Receiver SA-160 >
SONY TC-WE805S and JVC TD-W505 stereo double cassette decks >
FUJI DR-II 100 min. and Maxell XLII 100 min. high bias master tapes >
JVC TD-W505 stereo double cassette deck >
ZOOM H2 Handy Recorder >
Kingston Technology 2GB SD sound card >
ZOOM H2 Handy Recorder (tracked wav files here) >
(loaded wav files onto HD here) >
Cakewalk Pyro 2005 (retracking and editing of tracks done here) >
Trader's Little Helper (wav to flac, encode level 8, aligned on
sector boundaries)

CD 1: 10 tracks, 46:32
CD 2: 7 tracks, 43:44

TT: 90:16

Excellent FM broadcast recording.

9.5/10 IMHO, as always.

This IS absolutely the complete broadcasted show.

Not much to say here, so I'll try to keep this brief. I taped this
show myself off the radio, so this is a blend of 2 master copies.
I used the two tape decks listed above and created 2 master copies.
Usually for any important radio broadcasts, I would run 2 tapes
simultaneously. One would be a 90 and the other would be a 100 min.
tape. In this way, I was virtually certain to get the entire broadcast
with no missing music due to tape flips between the 2 cassette tapes,
barring any machine fuckups. For this recording I used 2 100s. My radio
setup was in an excellent position in my house, but in this case I tuned
in WXRT-FM Chicago over my cable provider system. I lived ~ 90 miles away
from downtown Chicago so the local cable provider kindly provided the
station feed through my TV cable system. This worked fairly well most
of the time but sometimes the hiss was VERY strong. Luckily on this night
in 1999, (this is a re-broadcast I BELIEVE), the hiss was mild to non-existent.
This is an excellent recording with little to no hiss so no one should have
any complaints. This can obviously be very well-played on your home stereo,
car stereo, etc. You will LOVE this FM broadcast.

A few words about the show: Patti and the band were revved-up and ready
to go on this night. She seems very coherent and sober (saints be praised)
and turns in an excellent performance. Tracks 14 and 16 should be viewed
as religious experiences. The segue from PHTP into RITFW was a hair-raising
event for me and Track 16 is transcendental. Listening to Patti snarl her
way through both songs is an unforgettable rock and roll revelation. I had
the privilege of seeing Patti live only once (more about that in a minute)
and this show was much more energetic. In short (and please forgive my
crude repartee), THIS SHOW WILL KICK YOUR FUCKING ASS. So prepare for a
Patti-style ass-kicking. That's about all I have to rave about, so let's
wrap this thing up....

Finally, no buy, no sell, no mp3. Please seed this as long as you can.
Please trade this freely as it probably is fairly rare, unless you live in
or around Chicago, IL and then you may not have a master copy. You do now !!
This show will be a welcome addition to any Patti Smith fan's collection.
I will post a sample to help some of you decide whether or not to download
this, but believe me, you don't need one. If this show was originally broadcast
as it happened and your copy is pristine with no hiss, PLEASE upload it. There
is a small mystery that people who attended this concert may be able to solve.
According to a Patti Smith setlist site, the Allen Ginsburg poem "Spell" was
performed right after Redondo Beach. My recording shows NO evidence of this
recitation AT ALL. They're either wrong or WXRT did one of the most excellent
editing jobs that I've ever seen. Please chime in if you know the score. So,
as Mr. Natural is so fond of saying, have fun, have a drink of water and enjoy
the concert !

jojogunne 8/26/2010

PS - I have 2 requests for Patti Smith Dimers/fans. I only saw Patti once in my
life and that was at the Leona Theater in Homestead, PA on July 28, 1978. It was
an amazingly great show and it was the last concert to ever occur at the Leona.
I think that it was going to be torn down shortly thereafter. A transcendental
show. If ANYBODY has a recording of that show or a portion thereof, PLEASE PM
me for a trade OR upload it on the Dime. I don't care if the SQ is really shitty.
I WANT that show ! For Pittsburgh people, the Iron City Houserockers opened the
show. It's a Holy Grail show for me so please help me out. Here's the last request:
I upped a show a while back: PS, The Place, Eugene, OR USA May 9, 1978 FM. The SQ
was pretty good but not fantastic. I KNOW that pristine copies exist of the FM show.
I was offered one a while back but I never got it. If you have that show in pristine
condition, PLEASE either PM me or upload it for me & a BUNCH of other PS fans. I
thank you for reading this and pray that one or both of these shows sees the
light of day soon. Keep on rockin'...

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