Patti Smith
Dublin, Olympia Theatre
June 29, 1999

Recorded by Belfrank. Big hand!

Recorded on Sony Mini disc with Mz-R30 MD recorder and Sony ECM 909 mic.

Very good audience recording!

Uncirculated until now, upped on Dime by willemaalten on January 9, 2010

CD 1:

01 - Wicked Messenger
02 - Piss Factory
03 - Dead City
04 - Redondo Beach
05 - 1959
06 - Beneath the Southern Cross
07 - Boy Cried Wolf
08 - Grateful
09 - Ghost Dance
10 - Dancing Barefoot
11 - Don't Say Nothing

CD 2:

01 - Banter
02 - Wing
03 - About a Boy
04 - Because the Night
05 - People Have the Power
06 - Land / Gloria
07 - Pissing In A River
08 - Rock n Roll Nigger

Line up:

Patti Smith
Lenny Kaye
Jay Dee Daugherty
Tony Shanahan
Oliver Ray


Interview by Belfrank with Jay Dee Daugherty.

The story behind the interview is that Belfrank, a huge fan of The Church,
wanted to interview Jay Dee about his time with The Church in the early 90's
for a UK Church fanzine. So he went to the venue and actually met Patti at
the stage door and she went and got Jay for Belfrank.
He's good friends with the Church too and had met him at their NYC show
a year before - he agreed to go for a coffee and let the tape roll.
Note: it's all about The Church.