Patti Smith
25 November 2000

Audience recording of Patti Smith's performance at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, on 25 November 2000. An acoustic set, performed with Oliver Ray and Lenny Kaye, the sound quality is awesome - so warm and almost unbearably immediate, that on a decent hi-fi it's like having the show played live in the room with you. It's a warm, fairly quiet, friendly show with a great atmosphere. The original version was marred by quite a few cuts and dropouts in the sound throughout the show, and the intrusive loudness of the audience's applause. The volume of the applause has been reduced on most tracks, so that it is no louder than the music, and on a couple of occasions where it was so loud that it caused distortion, sections have been cut altogether, which has also been done where there was intrusive whooping/whistling by audience members. The dropouts have been corrected, sometimes by straight cuts, but usually with the same duration of music from elsewhere to prevent skipping of beats/continuity. One section of dialogue was edited out, but the dropout in sound had already rendered it rather meaningless (CD2, track 4). Details of edits are below.

Further note on CD2 Track 4 -
For those who are curious, the excised piece is included as a separate flac file in the main folder. It can be edited back in without too much trouble.
For those who are curious and lazy, the whole, unexpurgated track is also included as another separate flac file in the main folder (with other edits in place) - don't download it this unless you want it!

"CD-R of otherwise unknown lineage received by trade > EAC (WAV) > FLAC Frontend level 8, align on sector boundaries (FLAC) > Flac frontend > wav > nero > wav > flac frontend > flac 8

Disc One: 65:23
01. Beneath The Southern Cross <5:20>
02. talk <1:37>
03. The Lamb <1:01> (poem)
04. Boy Cried Wolf <5:21>
05. tuning <0:42>
06. Free Money <4:34>
07. talk <1:53> (Salome’s story)
08. Lo And Beholden <5:16>
09. Birdland <12:27>
10. talk <1:38>
11. Wing <5:19>
12. talk <0:43>
13. Be My Baby <3:37>
14. The Revenge of Vera Gemini <4:48> (spoken)
15. Dancing Barefoot <4:59>
16. talk <1:14>
17. Grateful <4:45>

Disc Two: 31:46
01 - Sea Of Love <4:53>
02 - Broken Flag <6:06>
03 - Pissing In A River <4:53>
04 - talk <4:32>
05 - People Have The Power <6:20>
06 - Because The Night <5:01>

Many thanks to G. The Cock for the original torrent! And the superb artwork, to which I've taken the liberty of adding the word "upgrade".

Original torrent's notes:
"Very good audience recording - many thanks C.!

"CD-R of otherwise unknown lineage received by trade > EAC (WAV)
> FLAC Frontend level 8, align on sector boundaries (FLAC)

"Easter - no better time to put up another great Patti Smith recording!

"Here's a rare one with an amazing setlist and high level energy.
"Check the sound samples for quality and take it or leave it!

"Artwork is included as always.

"Enjoy and happy holidays!

"stoned greetings
"G. The Cock"

Edits on CD1
Track 01. cut and volume drop at 5:14 repaired
Track 02. static removed at 0:26
Track 06. distorted section of aplause cut at end
Track 09. click at 4:13,and dropout at 8:25 repaired
Track 10. dropout at 0:46 repaired
Track 13. dropout at 1:56 repaired using section from elsewhere in song
Track 14. dropouts at 4:30 and 4:31 repaired
Track 16. cut removed at start
Track 17. gaps at 1:53 and 4:25 fixed

Edits on CD2
Track 01. cut at 1:21 repaired
Track 02. whistle at end cut
Track 03. volume of loud crowd noise at 0:35 lowered
clicks repaired at 0:41 and 3:58
Track 04. click at 2:17 cut, damaged dialogue at 2:14 cut
Track 05. dropout at 1:19 repaired, volume of 2 claps at 1:47 lowered
Track 06. loud whoop and static during section of applause cut at end