Patti Smith
June 6, 2001
Village Underground, New York City, USA

(The disc two FLAC files are identical to the original torrent; all other files have changed. The artwork is different; the disc one FLAC files have been fixed because those I previously torrented contained sector boundary errors (SBEs) which I fixed by re-combining and retracking the tracks with Cool Edit. I sincerely apologize, it turns out I had some stuff to learn at the time.)

If you have a different recording of this show, this source might be an upgrade; there's an inferior-sounding alternate source; and some copies of this superior-sounding source in circulation are the wrong speed (details below in "technical note"); and I patched a half-second of static (see "fix" below).

SQ: Excellent, I rate it "A". The original posting of this torrent received 154 Snatches.

Lineage: Digital audience recording of otherwise unknown lineage I got by mail, CDR>EAC>Sound Forge>FLAC(level 8)

Artwork included; many thanks to G. The Cock for reworking the original artwork, I love it! He created two versions, one for slimline (2CD) jewelcases, and another for double-size (6CD) cases.

Disc One 56:20
01 Glitter 4:55
02 Till Victory 4:14
03 Kimberly 4:50
04 Dead City 4:54
05 Gone Pie 8:38
06 The Lamb reading 0:57
07 Boy Cried Wolf 6:13
08 Paths That Cross 4:37
09 Redondo Beach 4:26
10 Lo And Beholden 7:11
11 Southern Cross 5:19

Disc Two 68:46
01 Dark Eyes 6:39
02 Don't Say Nothing 10:43
03 Sea Of Love 3:51
04 Seven Ways Of Going 6:50
05 Because The Night 5:04
06 People Have The Power 6:53
07 Wing 4:31
08 Pissing In A River 4:43
09 Horses > 4:26
10 Land > 7:12
11 Gloria 7:48

Total: 125:06
Size: 756MB

Patched 0.597 second of digistatic d1t1 between 0:05.060 & 0:05.657 with the matching section of the alternate source (normalized, with three-quarter second crossfades).

*Known flaw*
faint static d2t11 7:12.966 to 7:17.153 (I didn't patch it because it's on the alternate source too, so perhaps it's from the PA)

*Technical note*
When I first got recordings of this 3-night (6/5/01, 6/6/01, 6/7/01) run, they were the best-sounding Patti recordings I had, but there was diginoise (some 6/5/01, lots the other nights). They pale in comparison to this alternate, superior source for the 3-night run. Actually I got 2 sets of this superior source, which was fortunate because the speeds of the 2 sets differ. One set is the correct speed (exactly matching the speed of the first, inferior-sounding recordings I got), the other set is the wrong speed, faster by:
0.13% for 6/5/01, 10.13 seconds for the show
0.02% for 6/6/01, 1.6 seconds for the show
0.04% for 6/7/01, 2.98 seconds for the show
This fast set of discs is 4th generation from originals, so who knows how many such wrong speed copies there are in circulation; incidentally, the channels (left/right) are switched on the 'fast' set.

Absolutely no selling! Please share freely. Please only convert to mp3 for your own use.

coyote 4 August 2007