Patti Smith & Oliver Ray acoustic
February 17, 2002
Teatro Toniolo, Mestre, Italy

January 2008 rowwli shared this recording remastered with a Minidisc. It required remastering because on the original recording the clapping was *much* louder than the music. rowwli kindly sent me the the original recording, and I have remastered it losslessly (see "Remaster"). Now the loudness of the clapping is close to that of the music, and the sound quality is significantly improved.

Lineage: Audience recording with unknown equipment > CDR > EAC >WAV > FLAC which I received with checksums via my FTP site, then remastered in Cool Edit Pro 2.1 > FLAC(level 8)

SQ: Almost good, I rate it "B-" (I grade hard and use all the letters ABCDF). The vocals are a bit 'distant'.

Artwork included (the same jpeg files rowwli uploaded).

Disc One 47:19
01 Land reading 4:00
02 True Music reading 1:14
03 Dog Dream reading 1:20
04 Prayer reading 1:12
05 Beneath The Southern Cross 5:35
06 Grateful 4:28
07 Redondo Beach 4:43
08 Ghost Dance 4:48
09 China Bird 4:14
10 One Voice 5:05
11 The Lamb reading 0:57
12 Boy Cried Wolf 5:06
13 Dead City 4:38

Disc Two 47:32
01 Burning Roses reading 0:43
02 unknown (song with Oliver) 5:13
03 The Chimney Sweeper reading 0:40
04 Climbing Boy 5:50
05 Be My Baby 3:17
06 Dancing Barefoot 4:51
07 December 0:37
08 Because The Night 3:32
09 People Have The Power 7:21
10 Pissing In A River 4:27
11 Gloria (aborted) 3:58
12 Gloria 7:03

Total 94:51:37
Size: 489MB

Thanks to for the setlist!

rowwli's "Notes on sound quality:
I don't listen to audience recordings very often. Mostly I think the quality is simply too bad. There are exceptions however - like acoustic concerts, where an audience recording can be quite enjoyable. In my opinion this is the case here. I received a CDr copy directly from the taper of the show. Unfortunately I do not know what equipment he used. The volume on the discs was very low and the difference between music and clapping was quite disturbing. Also I had to re-split the tracks. On my MD I tried to equalize the loudness of music and clapping and to increase the volume over all. I'm sure there are great computer programs to do this but as I don't know them I stuck to my MD. There are two tracks (d1t11 / d2t7) which have a slightly different quality than the others. The difference is on the original recording already - I don't know what happened there. The only thing that might be annoying while listening is the rather loud clapping noise of
one person next to the taper. Luckily there is absolutely no talking to be heard from the people around the taper.

Notes on the show:
Mestre, Italy is a part of Venice that may be regarded as a city on its own (200'000 inhabitants). Patti mentions that she wrote True Music about a historical person from here, Albino Luciani, who became pope John Paul I. Patti dedicates a bunch of songs to fellow artists, dead and alive. She dedicates 'Grateful' to Jerry Garcia, plays 'Be My Baby' in memory of Joey Ramone (his favourite song, she says) and dedicates 'One Voice' to the drummer of her band, Jay Dee Daugherty, who had been badly wounded in a motorcycle accident. The audience is very enthusiastic and there is a guy who doesn't stop yelling how much he loves Patti and how beautiful she is. After some time this gets a little annoying but Patti doesn't seem to bother too much."

To bring the levels of the clapping down to approximately the levels of the music, I used a "limiter", specifically Sony Wave Hammer 1.0a plug-in's "Compressor". In one pass, with one setting I pushed down the clapping to the level of the music; with another setting, I rasied all the resulting levels. (When doing this, one wants to make sure to set the 'limit' threshold high enough to that the music is left alone.) For three of the poetry readings (The Lamb, The Chimney Sweeper, December) the levels were even lower than the rest of the recording, so I raised the levels more . The first two tracks of disc two also needed their levels raised somewhat.

Absolutely no selling! Please share freely. Please only convert to mp3 for your own use.

coyote 28 October 2008

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